Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



Please add my kids code. She plays every day.

1142 4696 1678


Hey guys, add me for KM eggs from Brazil

3217 5740 2494


If you have any spare gifts


Looking to expand my friends list for gift trading, active daily.

3950 7007 6748
4405 5465 6640



5768 8789 0917 is my trainer code add me please

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Add 5779 1265 9893


Here is my code please add
5016 4158 4673


Hi I am from Toronto - Canada.
Please add me.
My Code is
8318 9568 4137


Hey guys looking for a new friend (or more) for the special research task. My code is 1393 0926 9422. Thanks!


Hello I have made to level 40 I currently have 26 best friends, the remaining friends on my friends list that are trying to become level 40 I will help you get to that level when you get to your last heart on that day make sure you use a lucky egg to help you get extra XP points I will send you a gift on that last day of that heart please continue sending me gifts I am in a difficulty location to get to a pokestop I will save as many gifts as I can to send you for your last heart of each heart…

my username is sasuke67


Italian who lives in china Zhuhai More precisely 1679 6592 9643


Speaking of which… add me :upside_down_face:
9598 1731 9151

Shiny groudon 100iv

936487470131 add me for gifts!!!


936487470131 add me for gifts!!

Shiny groudon 100iv

Hey guys I’m trying to reach lvl 40.
I’m a daily user and am looking to send & receive gifts plus seeing different gifts from different places is always great.

My code: 2286 8263 0260


I play everyday & send gifts.
Add me: 8628 7603 5762


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@ShadowKeeper for the friend codes you can go to the friend code topic :slight_smile:
Ill move this topic there


9690 5475 3341 Add me please i need to complete my tasks

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