Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)



3988 0465 6950 add me


2981 3714 3110


Austria 2981 3714 3110


If you keep opening 'em, I’ll keep sending 'em. My aim is that big XP bonus from achieving Best Friend status.


Hi, I need some new active friends :wink:

6639 2908 5701

Team Blue from Dortmund, Germany


7334 4927 1015 looking for friends

[TEAM]Team Mystic

Hey guys daily player here. Looking to level up with XP and exchange gifts from NY.

Trainer code is

1393 0926 9422



5934 5239 1455
need friends,guys




Hello ! I am Yash. Got space left for 35 friends.

I open gifts everyday.

Add me, only if you can send daily gifts.

6771 8119 9341


Accept friend invite, open gift, send gift, un-friend… Did we just have the PoGo equivalent of a one-night stand, BuuMoura? Almost head-shakingly weird.


Here is my Code again, please add me for sending & receiving Gifts ; playing almost daily

especially is there anyone outside from australia new zealand ?

0557 4834 8464


Hi! I’m from Odessa (Ukraine)
Searching for friend all over the world!
Here’s my trainer code 6040 1884 2487


Man there is a lot of post


it would be nice if people decided to stick around and hang out on the hub if you’re going to post your friend code it be nice to take a look around think about staying


And to think that your post began the thread, @Cup.

As the user who started this thread, does that notify you every time somebody adds to it? That flood would kind of suck.


It happens every single day I get notifications about people wanting to be my friend I even delete a lot of the request no matter what is always at 200 everyone tells me I can change my friend code but I don’t want to


I have 50 people from here under 5 days of activity on my list. I recently culled 30 who had been friends from this that had not opened a gift for 3 weeks or sent a gift even once. I send gifts every day and open 20 a day oftentimes the ones who are low so that way I do not cull active players. On June first I will cull all players that are under two hearts base great friends. So open or send at least 7 gifts within the month, I will track to see if people request right at the end of the month so they are not cut away without the chance to hit great friends. The clutter of people who do not open gifts just makes my day take longer as I check through to see who I can send gifts to(Niantic make it a sort option for can send a gift to cough cough cough).
Sorry for the long post

4149 1800 5383 Breed&Battle


Need freinds