Second round of Sinnoh Stone Evolutions (Speculation)



That would be great, but we’re stuck with the Birds, Beasts, Lugia and Ho-Oh for at least another month, although there really isn’t an excuse anymore for not having it out.


I’m looking forward to Magnezone that has some great TDO to last and several resistances


Magnezone. My choice is candy count biased since I’m fairly new to the game. Aside from the 2 new eevee forms (Leafeon/Glaceon) I’m sure I won’t have the candy to evolve any of the other desirable candidates. Other picks-> Gallade & Tangrowth. Any thoughts on likely additional requirements the next 2 eevee/lutionary forms will have? (like for espeon evolve during day after walking eevee as buddy 20k) *my bad if that’s too OT I’ll check other threads. THANKS


Trust us, we would LOVE to know what the parameters to evolve Eevee into either Leafeon or Glaceon. I have two 98% Eevee dedicated to those two forms (four if you include Shinies) and I have a very specific purpose for each of those Eevee, even going so far as to name them their intended forms. I’ll be very remiss if they don’t end up being what I want them to be.


there are no more alolans…


Those of us who have been keeping track of news have found that an upcoming patch has gender-based evolution requirements enabled, which is vital for two of possible Sinnoh Stone evolutions (Kirlia-Male and Snorunt-Female) so it’s very possible that we could be seeing the wave coming soon.

Still no word how Glaceon and Leafeon will be handled. I hope it isn’t random using a Sinnoh Stone because that would tick me off.


LOL and we now have six of the new evolutions out. Five to go.

Of course Magnezone wasn’t one of them. XD


So I just realized something:

The first round of Sinnoh Stone Evolutions required a special item to evolve in the core games. All eleven required either a special item, or being traded while holding a specific item.

The second round of Sinnoh Stone Evolutions either required a special item along with a specific gender in the games, or required learning a specific move and leveling up to evolve (i.e. Ancient Power). The only exception to this rule is Mamoswine, whom I’m thinking is simply being held back until Community Day.

The remaining Pokemon that haven’t evolved yet (minus Mamoswine) ALL evolve based on their environment. Leafeon and Glaceon need to level up next to their respective rocks (Mossy or Icy), or require an environment rick with static electricity (Magnezone and Probopass).

I thought that there wasn’t a pattern here since they didn’t release the next eleven, but it seems that there is. It’s likely that the remaining four Pokemon not determined yet will indeed use a Sinnoh Stone, although how with the Eeveelutions still remains a mystery.


Yeah noticed that right when they released the first wave and was secretly hoping that the move wave would have their evolution move/require it to evolve. :sob:


I actually hoped that wouldn’t be the case, because it would cause wasted uses of TMs.