Research task locked


I have a glitch issue with a research task that started yesterday and locked up the research tasks, and nothing on the troubleshooting page is working. How can I get help?

I was in the middle to catching Raichu and ran out of balls. I got more, but now I can’t get into the task. It’s a blank screen. I can’t back out. I have to close the game. Now it won’t let me submit other research tasks for stamps either. I’m locked out of all research tasks and can’t complete the catch.

I have restarted, reinstalled, restarted the google log in, restarted my phone–all in various orders several times. Please help me.


This happened to me, but it worked when I had really good wifi, @AnastasiaLank


Did you berry the Pokémon before you ran away from it?


Niantics known issue page has a topic on it. They are working on a fix. Just wait with your encounters untill the next update. You can just keep doing quests and save your encounters for when the fix arrives.