Regigigas and shiny Regis Announced



I’ll sit this one out I think.
I don’t feel compelled to spend coin to get Regirubbish early.


I’ve never paid for anything in this game. How do I buy passes for this event?


They haven’t made the announcement on when the the Specail Pass is available for purchase.
I suspect the details of how to obtain one will be in that announcement.
Just read something that said this Pass can not be purchased with Poke Coins. You’ll have to part with real money for this one.
I think you only need to buy the one Pass to play the event not multiples.


Initially I was going to buy this, but then I saw that you’ll need to raid and capture all three regis and I don’t want to risk not getting enough people with me to do that.

Besides, I don’t want Regigias all that badly and can wait for it to come to EX raids. :smiley:


I won’t have a problem with enough people for doing raids here, but I also have to buy for my son’s account.


Already heard a decent amount of people from my raid group will be doing this so I’ll probably buy it


I need to find a raid group. :frowning:

Currently, I just go to raids when I see them and hope people are there. lol


The official entry for Regice here shows it to be a CP 42678 boss. But the bosses this weekend have been CP 33128.

I wonder how many level 40 trainers with decent (but not significantly powered-up) counters are needed… Is the current Regice boss duo-able under realistic circumstances?


It is do-able under sunny conditions with the best Fire-types and Best Friends.


My son and I came really close to beating Regice by ourselves yesterday and he is level 37. 2 40s Best Friends could do it.


It more depends on the counters, weather boosts and boss movesets then that 1 level of the Pokémon (as L37 he can power up to L39).