Regice - The hardest raid so far


Did one one on Friday on way to work with 6 and for some reason I thought Golems were going to be good. We went close but timed out.
I think it had Blizard

Did another today with same 6. This time we used our Machamp Army’s and smashed it with 72sec remaining.
This one had Earthquake which I’ve read is ment to be the hardest one.


Laughing so hard right now.


We did it was six people so far I’m two for three


Earthquake again with 6 armies of Machamp down with 74sec to spare. All of us used all 6 and 1-2 of the next team auto game selected.
All the Machamp Battle Squads are Powered up between L32-L40. All have Counter/Dynamic Punch


Today, I went 0-2 on catching him, so 2-4 for me total. Of course my son got him both times, so he’s 4-4.


5 for 5


Wow… I only have 6 legendaries registered and 3 of them are field research I am 1 for 1 or 1 for 2 or 3 for the others.


I still have no regice. We’re looking at a pretty boring couple of months for Pokemon Go and I think that may be a sign for something (new update etc?)


4/6 caught. Did him twice with 6 people, 8 and 10 seconds left on the clock. Considering we did the hardest Groudon with 4 people it is suprising. Still a shame you cant put him in gyms. Would have been a fun challange.


Same 6 again did Focus Blast. Got down into the 20sec left.
I’m thinking of creating second battle squads of Machamps on the families accounts as the auto selections the game is making for the second squad are terrible and don’t do much damage and eat up the clock.


15 out 20 so far.

First weekend raiding went fine and got a head start. last few days i only did 1 raid a day. This coming weekend will be hard aswell with many of us going to Dortmund Safari event.


I’ve still seen only one.


The circle moved. It’s in middle now and guess what, my first 1 to run now.


Yeah just noticed that to. It didnt run away, but i needed 13 of my 14 balls (last one was frienship ball :slight_smile: )
But still excellent throws, he was just reluctant to stay in.
I dont really mind where the circle is, as long as the pokemon doesnt go left and right, like Kyogre does.


i’m currently on 19 out of 25 caught. I’m doing this raid way too much for a crappy pokemon to have but i want the xp, more even this week with double xp / 1 hour eggs. So i just keep going.

IMHO this is by far one of the easier raids to do, to throw and to catch.


I’m still 2-4 on this guy. I probably won’t raid again until Articuno on Saturday.