Regice - The hardest raid so far


This is even worse than Kyogre
For something with such a bad attack it did a surprising lot fo damage, took 7 of us 4 minutes to beat and cost me 9 Pokemon (altho to be fair Ive stated with 3 TTars)
And then a 1751 fled (91/93%)


i get off from work 2 minutes, ready to get raiding. You made me curious!!!


havent tried yet. is the distance hard too?


Not really, its easy to get the hang of it (it reminds me of mewtwo)


It’s blizzard seems stronger than normal. Excellent throws are easy was expecting the circle to be in middle not tip, doesnt matter. He took out my main party then died to my metagross

had 12 balls missed first 3 ( i like to spin before throwin…) 1st hit broke out 2nd excellent caught. Stronger than kyorge but easier than the first kyorge before the distance change.




I guess my pokedex is acting up ill see Professor Oak dont worry.


Both raids I went to we had too many people and had to break into 2 groups. Even then both had like 13-15 people. People tell me Regice can be beaten with only 3 Level 40 accounts.


Its a bit of both kyogre with hydro or thunder is easier but blizzard 1 shotted most of its counters. Most of regice counters shrug off its charge moves thou with the high defense it does take a bit longer.


I do not know who told you this but its not true. Moltres is the number 1 counter and dps. With weather and maxed perfect moltres its still only ttw at 901.7s.


its very easy to catch but hard to fight


If it’s insanely hard to fight, my group of 5 averaging level 31 are going to get demolished, right?

Maybe I should go to the city for it then.


I got Two now


Depends on your Pokemon, but I generally wouldnt attempt that if you arent fully confident in them (after all, in our group of 7 there were 2 40s, 2 39s and three with 40+)


Very easily caught Regice


I did 2 raids on him yesterday but had so many people that we split into 2 groups. Each time we had like 13-15 people and Regice still killed 4 of my monsters. But I caught him each time after only 3-4 balls thrown. My son caught him each time as well.


3/3 best record so far for any lvl5 raid


My best so far is 1/1 for Latios, Latias, Articuno & Regice. In my opinion, Regice was hard to raid but easy to catch.


I agree, I caught every Regice so far except the 1751 first one


I haven’t seen any regice raids yet