Rayquaza Legendary Raids


30 of 42 on the green dragon. Caught two 98% one was weather boosted both with 15 attack. Lost another 98 % and a 96% that would have had attack too, again both weather boosted. Overall this is one of the easier legendaries to hit/catch, the movements are fairly predictable and it’s nit bad if you are patient.

Definite breath of fresh air after trying to catch Kyogre. Iwas 0/6 on my attempts at 98% IV Kyogre on my account and 4/4 on accounts of other trainers who wanted help catching theirs.


I’ve been on teams where we defeated the boss, but Rayquaza always escapes. I’ve used 10+ balls with gold berries, get great and excellent throws, and can never catch him. :frowning: I’ve captured others, but this one is a hard one to catch.


I’ve eased off the Green Dragon to chase a decent Groudon as I missed most of the time it was previously out. Managed to slip in a few while waiting for the next Red Lizard.
All up I’m 27/37 for Rayquaza.
Out of those 27 only 1 has had an Attack stat of 15.
Caught a disappointing 91% that was 10 15 15 yesterday and sent it straight to the candy grinder.
Only keeping the best 9 atm.


Missed out on a 2060, 2037 and 2058. I had 14 balls on the 2058 and had 10 Great golden razz curve, 2 excellent golden razz curve and 2 mess ups. Still wasn’t enough. Does bronze medal instead of silver really make a difference?


Ive defeated exactly 30 Rayquaza, so far nothing with good IVs
I have a 2060 that doesnt have 15 attack, and the best that does have perfect attack is 2045


In the big picture, it matters whether people have bronze or silver. But on a personal level: random is random, and experiences vary wildly between players. I’ve done 6 Rayquaza raids. During the first four, I was still bronze level, yet caught 3 Rayquaza (one of them was even a curve ball outside the circle!). Shortly after those four, my dragon medal raised to silver (thanks to the Dratini event, the fourth raid was in the first half of the event). After I got my silver medal, I did 2 more Rayquaza raids, but caught only 1 of them. So, my catchrates seem a-typical, and even inverted from the expected rates when you compare the results by badge-level. Needless to say, that with only 6 Rayquaza raids, my sample size is very small.

You’ll have to do a few hundred raids before you reliably see your personal catch rate converge with the actual catch rates. With less than 50 raids, it’d actually be odd if the personal catchrate exactly reflected the actual chances.


Defeated two more Rayquaza raids today, and finally caught him on my second attempt.


Ive been hitting Rayquaza Raids fairly hard over the last 2 weeks. Up until the Saturday/Sunday just been I had only caught 1 with a 15 Attack Stat. I added 3 more over the weekend. Between Groudon and Rayquaza I had a streak of 11 Ledgendary caught in a row and broke that run in the worst possible way with 100% using up all 14 Balls without a missed throw. 11 Excellent Gold Razz Curve and 3 Great Gold Razz Curves Balls for no catch was extremely disappointing. I went on a streak of another 7 in row caught after that happened.


For Rayquaza, we failed to defeat it every time except one, when I caught it.


Rayquazza was unreal for me! I caught 94 of 119 and 5 100% (2 boosted)!!! Was by far the easiest for me to hit Excellent throws and really liked the fact 3 good trainers can beat it instead of 6 or 8.


Catching it was a nightmare
I could go with 12 excellents in a row without a catch


Most of my ten Rayquaza’s I actually caught on non-excelent throws. I also missed a lot of balls, since it was bloody cold outside, making my fingers freeze during the battle, which in turn ruined my feel for the touch screen. Still, 10 caught out of 14 encountered is a pretty good ratio, I think.


1 out of 1 - i got lucky with a team of 6 on the weather.


Rayquaza was the easiest to hit out of the trio. But he didn’t like to stay in the ball very much. I ended up 5 for 9 on catching him but my daughter was a perfect 4 for 4.


To me, I caught 0 of 0!! :rofl::rofl:


That was me on all the Legendaries before Groudon.