Raikou Raid Day (Share your experience / catches)


Did 29 raids, the we juist quitted because we all had a shiny. I ended with 2 shinies and 29 shit IV’s.


Managed to get a Shundo on the first Raid and ended up with doing seven Raikou Raids (caught six) where of three were Shiny. It was a great day. The only thing that could’ve been better is that all this was actually true😔


Better luck next time!


6 of us, rattled 24 raids in the 3 hours.

I ended up with 3 shiny (best one 84% with 15 ATK) also got 2 x 91% and a 93% of the normal form.

The rest will be used up as Lucky Trade bait including the shiny ones (but they will be traded shiny for shiny in the hope of better IVs)