Raikou Raid Day (Share your experience / catches)


Bucketing down on and off the whole 3hours. Sadly only the first hour gave us whether boosting even thought where we were it rained the whole 3 hours.
17 Raids with 7 accts was the best we could do.
12 Shiny all up with 7 between 2 accts (sadly one wasn’t mine).
No 100% for anyone. From my 12/17 best I got was 1x 98% Weather Boosted than it was 2x 89% including my only Shiny.
Feeling a little disappointed I didnt get 2-3 Shiny but happy about the useful 98%.


I will very likely not be able to participate, and I don’t care either.


I Will do 7 raids at most today. It begint in 53 minutes


To far away from any gym, and stuck at work. :sob:


Didn’t realize this was today. So glad I looked on here today. Ours doesn’t start until later this evening. I hope I get a shiny cloud butt.


I did 5 raids and got 3 shinies. The highest iv one was 93%. I’m pretty happy with that.


Two shinies and three 93%, but that’s ok since I already had a 98% one with 15 attack.


15 raids, 2 shinies, every single Raikou was trash besides one 1950, caught all of them
Cool event and Im looking forward to a lucky trade


The missus an I turned up at the appointed time to find…
…no-one else playing.
Can’t duo a Raikou so: 0 raids = 0 Raikous = 0 shinies
Best percentage iv = 0%

However… we didn’t get mugged, involved in a scuffle, or even suffer any form of random abuse. So I guess it was quite a successful afternoon, all things considered.


Failed to get it :sneezing_face:


No shiny😞


No Shiny for me after 14 Raids, but I honestly don’t care. I finally have a great-IV Raikou worth a damn and that outweighs any Shiny encounter I could have had today.

Video of the catch is below:


Did about 20 raids with around 40 people, got my shiny at raid 6 or 7. I’d say about half of the people got a shiny and a handful got more than one.


Did 13 raids, caught them all, 3 shiny, best shiny is 91%. All but one person in our little group got shiny, some got multiple. Cool event and I am looking forward to a guaranteed lucky trade.


I got one shiny raikou out of Seven raids. I am content


Had 2 accounts in a group of 7. Raided 6 times, had 9 of 12 captures, got a 96% and 2 shinies:


None of them is especially gifted for attack, like @Arem1771’s, though.


Raikou, much like the ones you have there, have been a source of mockery from the game to me, as I’ve been hunting a high-IV one since they first came out. Only until today has a high-IV encounter always eluded me. The best I had before today was a 91% with 13 Attack.


Not very successful here… It was extremely hot, so we were not that many players. We did 12 raids before we all lost interest.
The shiny rate seemed to be OK, but not for me (I had caught that shiny Alolan Exeggutor in the morning, so I was out of shiny luck)
I had a friend’s phone with me, which joined 10 of those 12 raids… That was 22 shiny chances in my hands. Nothing.
IV-wise the best thing I got was 91% with 15 attack. OK, but not what I had hoped for. I even managed to get a lucky one by trading with my husband… It turned out a 93% IV… with 12 attack…
Since the 91% one it’s my best Raikou I guess I’ll power it up… I only have one maxed out and I could use another decent one.

Considering how many additional chances for the shiny legendary birds we got after last year’s raid days, I am not too disappointed. I know we already got the beasts in research breakthroughs, but I’m quite confident that Niantic will spam us with beasts somehow by the end of the year.


Not good did 10+ raids with 5 people and just 2 of us got shiny


Last year, I didn’t catch a shiny Articuno or shiny Zapdos during their respective raid days. But at the end of the summer, Niantic released the 3 legendary birds again at the same time for a couple of days, and that’s when I got my shiny Articuno and shiny Zapdos. So I’d say it’s very likely we’ll get that kind of weekend for the legendary beasts, and you’ll have a go at it again.