Raids: What meet up groups/forums/apps are you using?


Is there an active community on a forum/app/website of people posting local raids and trying to meet up with a group? I met someone @ a Snorlax raid this morning, and while we waited for more people to arrive (no one showed up) he mention he posted the raid to a group and was hoping he might get some people out. I foolishly didn’t ask what that was. Any thoughts? What are you guys using to find groups for higher tier raids in less dense/suburban areas?



Mostly facebook honestly. Don’t know of a single place to look or website cept maybe here.


Thanks for the response. I ran into more people today and it seems like many people in my area are using Discord.


Discord and set up local group using Whatapp with trainers in local area


I just did a Snorlax raid with 5 others and after that I joined their facebookgroup and their whatsappgroup: 126 members so I guess raiding solo is over from now on I guess. :trophy:


I’ve been been doing raids by myself so far, but I’m limited to level 1 raids. I’ve tried some level 2 raids, but I can’t cause enough damage to defeat the boss within the time limit.

The Silph Road has a web-based app they’re calling “The Silph Radio” I set that up yesterday, but I only put in a 2km radius as my preferred distance. I live in the city of Chicago, so I thought the would be okay because there are plenty of gyms with active raids in my area. Granted its only been a day, but I haven’t received any notifications yet.

I also posted in a subreddit looking for interested trainers in my area. It’s been a few days since then, and I haven’t received any bites there either.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of Facebook, and I haven’t heard of Discord before today. I’m gonna check those out. Thanks for the suggestions!


I posted in our town’s Facebook group about creating a Facebook messenger group for fast communication. When people said they wanted to be in it, I would add them. It allows for an RSVP type event so you can see how many are coming, etc. It’s worked nice so far a little over a week in.


We have 250 users in my group

Telegram … not just for Ttars…


I’ve developed an iOS app the last two weeks to fix the problem for organizing meetups to fight in raids together for Pokémon GO players. It was released today to the App Store, it’s completely free (and even open source) so you’re welcome to check it out:émon-go/id1260324549?&mt=8

My goal was to provide a way to meet up for raids in a way that is safe and transparent. You can provide gyms & raids right within the app and organize meetups. Also, you can find and attend meetups organized by others. There’s even an option to set push notifications on specific gyms so you don’t miss any meetup.

The project is open source (both the app and server) and currently is and always will stay ad-free. See the official project page for more information:

Of course the app will only be useful if many players use it, so spread the word!

Any feedback or ideas can be provided via our official forums:


Facebook Messenger group is working well for us …


I started off using local Facebook group pages set up specifically for Houston Raids, but now I find that Discord groups are more efficient.
I will check out the Silph Radio option that was mentioned in July by @ejrajzer


I got into a WeChat group lol.


I tried a bunch of different methods of raid meet up, but nothing really worked for me. Then one day- when Here win Chicago, I have found that Discord and various Facebook Messenger groups are the most-utilized methods. Articuno was still out the first time I happened upon a raid group. After the battle, they added me on to a couple of Discord servers, and then the road world opened up to me.


Hey man stop using Silph Radio it is just useless and no one just uses it, in my opinion discord groups are the best or you can create an irc channel on freenode and download the android app Andchat to connect to your IRC channel it even has a well built non-annoying notification system,BTW you can’t send images on irc


Discord all the way to join with randoms when my regular group isn’t available to Raid which seems to be often atm.


Yeah, I checked out Silph radio for a hot second, but I seemed to be the only one, so I dropped that. Discord as well as some Facebook groups are widely used in Chicago.


local FB groups and friends pretty much.


whatsapp, but when in charge, – even not possible to play


there is a facebook group but nobody is active.I am so dissapointed.I dont have a suicune because of not finding any people


A whatsapp raid group