Raids need a solo option


We need an alternative to raids if we can’t get legendaries solo through raids.


I know im new here, but heres a dumb idea. Since Niantic can track which gyms are popular to give out EX Raid passes shouldn’t they know witch gyms are not going to have the traffic to accomidate a 4 or 5 star raid.


Thats my point


okay good then we agree


I was replying to someone else, but I do believe they can track that down
the problem is that cutting legendaries off when not enough people would POTENTIONALLY (key word) get there, means that if they would actually get people together, they would miss out a raid they would otherwise beat


i agree not to cut them off, but when two out of three gyms in town (the only two you can get to in winter here) are both 5 star at the same time is messed up.


Not really, this way you can get 40k EXP easily


To give a fair amount of time to complete a legendary raid solo, there’d need to be close to 10 minutes (I’m guessing). Whos going to stand there tapping their screen for that long? Plus you’d go through a ridiculous amount of Pokemon, easily 7-8 teams of 6. If they were going to make raids soloable, they would be better reducing the CP based on the amount of players and not the time. But, either of them are terrible idea.


I can, but rural area = low level and low pokemon so low items, stardust etc. Quite a lot of them are badly lagging behind


Cp or time the adjustment is due to how many players are actually playing in the raid and maybe a little bit of level fluctuations.

The goal is for people who can’t get a large group to be able to raid.

Rn i see rayquaza raid…can u do it ? nope. Earlier i seen 1 person in one is he gonna have fun? nope. Is anyone gonna join ? nope.


Another method for Niantic to help rural players do T3/4/5 raids, without the need to water down the difficulty or anything, is by linking gyms to eachother. Say, there’s these 3 or 4 villages, which all have a gym, but which get visited by very few unique players on a daily basis. Link those gyms together, so people from all those villages form a single group. A bit like what Activision did years ago in WoW, with the cross-server raidgroups. For WoW, it was a disaster which totally ruined the game for me. But I imagine it could actually work out well for PoGo.

Some things to consider though:

  1. Gyms should only be eligible for cross-gym raids if no more than 1 raid above Tier 3 have been done there for a month.
  2. There should be no gym within a kilometer that fails the above criterium (might be 2 or 3 km, something like that)
  3. Gyms should only be eligible for cross-gym raids, if at least one Tier 1 or Tier 2 raid has been done there during the past month.
  4. Players should be able to find out what gyms are linked to theirs, so they can try to contact players from the other town to organise their raidgroup, see when players are available in whatever group chat they use, etc. Possibly even meet up at times for a barbeque or whatever.
  5. Should a gym drop off the cross-gym raid, for example, because the players attended multiple T3+ raids there during their anual cross-gym-barbeque-party, then on re-connection to the cross-gym system later, it should join the same group of gyms it was in before.
  6. Gyms connected to eachother should not be too distant from one another. Pokemon Go already makes extensive use of so called S2 cells, so I’d suggest using level 7 or level 8 cells for that purpose: just pool the gyms within a level 8 cell, and connect the ones that get raided frequently, but suffer from low raid attendency. (so frequent raids by very few people). This should make communication much easier (also considering people speaking different languages, you don’t want to know how many people in Europe actually can’t speak proper English. People living in border regions usually do speak the language from the other side of the border though. This should also ensure #5, of making sure that gyms dropping out of the cross-gym system will always re-connect to the same pool.


Its just a game, if it really bothers you don’t play or complain to niantic.


Yes, I understand that. But the whole point of the raid system is to get people to battle together. That is what Niatic set out to do, and that is what’s happened for the majority of players.


Completely agree!!


Pokémon GO just needs quests


Raids do have a solo option just do private group and give no one the code.


Not like that. Just a way to beat legendary raids when nobody else turns up (or no other player exists in your town)


lvl 1,2,&3 are for soloing if you arent bad


Now that Legendaries have been added to quests, does your argument feel real flat? Raids are perfectly designed. And quests are beautiful and keep me running around. In short, Niantic disagrees with you and so do I. Trust your Instincts ; ) and have faith in Niantic


Oh wow! Look what I said back in February. Now I have multiple Moltres since quests started!