Raids need a solo option


Raids need a solo option.

It’s true that a lot of people still play Pokemon GO, but I don’t see the numbers needed for level 5 raids ever, except from the occasional city trip (~6 hour round trip). Hopefully we will see this soon.

Level 5 raids are the only way to get legendaries, so if you can’t do them, then you will have endless gaps in your Pokedex. This isn’t how the game should be. There should still be advantages to raids for doing them in groups, because that is the point.


Mind saying a little more than just posting a link?


Level 1 is for solo raids.


No, raids are supposed to be taken down in groups, and they should stay like this forever, maybe even add a new difficulty with lets say 20 thousand HP bosses
What we need is a way to get legendaries without raids


I would love to get Legendaries without raids. Maybe that can be part of the new “Quest” feature.


Level 1 and level 2 raids are easily solo’ed (Except for Cloyster). And some level 3 raids are solo-able as well


So far, every single tier 3 raid was solo-able bar Jolteon (Groudon could change that, but Im not sure)
Some were really tough, like Ninetales, but what we have right now are some of the easiest to solo tier 3s weve had
Jynx has crappy defenses, Piloswine dies to Kyogre and Gyarados, Azumarill is, well, Azumarill, and Machamp is the only that can do some harm


I agree that legendaries should eventually make their way to the Quest system somehow, but raids should not all be soloable.

The actual purpose of raids was to get people together, and that’s the way it should be played. If you want to solo raids, build up your squad and take on some tough level three raids (I’ve been trying to build a squad to tackle Machamp).


Thank you


If they were soloable everyone over lvl 5 would have em’, that wouldn’t be fun. Same with if they were assignable in gyms, they would be everywhere.


Maybe, but they wouldnt be that hard to take out, especially with the CP decay
Not to mention that the gym teams are pretty stale as they are now anyways, usually the pseudos, Snorlax, Blissey, and maybe Aggron


No. Legendaries eventually making their way into the quest system is fine, but soloable T5 raids are really unnecessary.


Right now there is no way at all for most rurals to obtain legendaries.


Why not make it so that when you reach Lvl 30 you reveive either Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres depending on your team?


Disagree with what?


Maybe it could be that for every time you get a day streak pokestop, you get a legendary ticket
50-100 legendary tickets gets you a legendary


You can’t just give away legendaries… That completely defeats the purpose of them. The one way that Niantic will combat this issue is somehow introducing them into the Quest system, and even then that’s not confirmed.


Thats what the quests should be for, not raids


And you can always try to solo, nothing is stopping you


Raids were ment to bring people together