Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!


Nice work on the 100% Articuno @SCArsenalGunner.

My only good Raid Story goes way back to the start and the second day The Raids were released. Having no idea how many it was going to take to take these on the crew of 3 others myself, the Wife & Daughter played with when we used to hunt Dratini and Larvitar got together to have a crack. The fist one we came across was a Lugi so we all jumped in and failed to take it down. We had another crack for the same result. It was clear we would need another 2 to do those.
Next we set off to find an Articuno and found one quickly. 6 was enough to just win this one. Only 3 of us were successful with capture. One of the group was on Face Book Chat and found a group headed to a Lugia so we head off that. 17 all up in this battle so that was won easily. I was the only one of our crew to catch it.
At the time I didn’t realise how lucky I was to be 2 Raid wins and 2 captures. The best bit was they were both good IV’s. It’s all been down hill with Raids since apart from the 98 & 96IV Zapdos.

Pics of the first Articuno and Lugia.

Lugia all powered up to maximum game possibility


I got to experience my first legendary raid yesterday at a major tourist attraction in our city. It was so awesome being part of a group and being able to take down a

Nervously walking up to the spot I was warmly welcomed by others all ready to go to battle. After defeating the legend we all had the chance to capture our own. This was as much fun for me with my first, to the 9 year old who flippant told me he already had 6, but still broke onto the biggest smile at his seventh. I know it’s a fake world but for a few minutes there was a sense of being part of something and a great achievement (even if it’s isn’t a high cp pokemon).

Thanks for the fun everyone, looking forward to the next one.

Do you remember you first?


I have one gym in walking distance (2 minutes) and yesterday it had an Entei Raid with 30 minutes left. It was the last raid of the day and I still had my free raid pass. So I sent a message to my whatsapp group if anyone would be interested. Only 2 people responded and we where not sure If we can make it with 3.

We decided to try and after 4 failed attempts, with 2 minutes left on the raid, we managed to beat it.
It was the 7th Entei raid for me and the 3rd I caught so far.

Pretty happy all worked out so well and I have my first good IV Entei!


Since creating the maxed out Machamp Army on my own account and creating strong ones straight from elvoving 1000CP Weather Boosted Machops on the other family accounts I’ve discovered the big four T4 Raid Bosses in Tyranitar, Snorlax, Aggron and Lapras are all punching bags for these Machamp battle squads.
Over the last week and a half between Rayquaza Raids I’ve been specifically targeting any Lapras Raid close to home. It’s been bugging me for ages with numerous egg hatches and catches I don’t have a 90IV+ Lapras.
In the last 6 days I’ve done 13 Lapras Raids and finally got a 91% on my own account and a 98% on the Wife’s. I’ll keep going with them as I really would like a 100% for the collection.


The raid system is kind of broken.

Unless you live in a big city, then you have almost no chance of getting level 4 raids, never mind legendaries, especially mewtwo.


Not at all, even smaller towns can host EX Raids if communication between the players actually exist


All my town’s players communicate, but there aren’t enough


I’ve seen mew2 three manned, so if you get an EX pass and show up at hatch you should be fine


Do you have 8 players in your town?


I have 5 low level active players in my town. I guess now it’s just the waiting game for
A) us all to level up
And b) the legendary birds come back. Articuno and zapdos would be useful for ho-oh and lugia, so if you can’t beat the first, it’s a kind of vicious circle.


My son and I both caught weather boosted Lugia after school. He is 4-4 on catching him. I’m 2-4.


So what happened when the legendaries came out? Did you quit for a short time?


do you still play?


the funny thing is… you still play!


You get a 100 IV yet?


I take it this is in reference to trying to get a good Lapras.
Sad the answer to that question is a No.
Best I could manage was a 91 with 15 Attack and a 93 with 14 Attack.
I got 98-96% on other Family member accounts.


His account got banned for no reason


I thought it was hacked and not able to be recovered


That was someone else I think


Got another Lugia today and so did daughter. Son caught 2 more.