Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!


Got my first Lugia today:

Articuno fled unfortunaltely.


Congrats on the Lugia! Just wondering, how many people battled it to take it down? I tried to solo an Articuno (no one else showed up) and lost miserably.


Oh thats awesome. Thank you for sharing.
It looks like i wont be able to travel to the big city after all. So legendaries for me!
Oh well :grinning::grinning:


It’s 80+ IV’s. Took 19 people in London to take down.


19!!!¡¡¡¡¡ So here you would have no chance… more than 5-6 never come together


I heard there would be one starting, so I travelled up to London for it. Trust me, you’ll get one eventually. Whether it be through trading (make it happen Niantic) or a raid, everyone will have an opportunity. Earlier in my town, I lost to an Articuno because no one came out for it. Just keeps your hopes high :slight_smile:


Allways with hope, if not I wouldn’t play…


Got woken up at 8:30 lol. Big group of folks organized three or four private groups many wins few catches go teams go


Couldn’t catch my first legendary…articuno

Only had six balls because niantic seems intent on forcing all of team instinct to quit because they aren’t able to compete on a level ground. I super razzed every throw and it broke out immediately


Did 19 legendary raids today. Got 1 Lugia on 2 tries, 6 Aticuno on 17 attempts. On the Lugia Raids we did 4 groups each with 12-20 people each. On Articuno we were able to do it with 9-11 people in a raid group.

One of our raid members got a 100% Articuno, which was really cool.

I recommend doing these now while the timers are long and they are popping frequently. It’s fun to see people getting back into the game for these!


No chance here, but I give you my congrats…


I love raids but my fellow trainers are to low or have weak Pokémon the blue bird we got down to red with 6 trainers but I had 3 tyrantar all over 3250 with bt/se and high power arcaine with ff/fb and omastar with rock slide . I had to laugh I saw crabbys fighting across from me I need help in md I’m willing to help anyone with lvl 4 and lvl 5 I guess I’ll have to join facebook for the first time in my life !


Yeah, joining a FB group is the only way to go, unless you prefer discord or silph. I send out a request and wait for the troops. Sometime we sit for an hour, but they show up in swarms.


Once i move to denver im going to need that pg discord to get those lugia and legendary bird raids!


Discord is the most useful tool in my area.


Is the raid badge broken? Been stuck on 31 for a minute now and have won about half a dozen raids since. Before you would add to the medal without capture, was this changed recently?


I have the same issue. Legendary battles don’t count.


Just soloed a Level 3 Raidboss for the first time. I feel proud. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


So I had 2 exciting experiences today. First we had a small group for a Lugia raid, with 6 people who said they were only 5 minutes away. 15 minutes later they finally responded they couldn’t make it. We had only 10 people but as 6 of us had already spent a raid pass before we backed out of a larger group to wait for the 6 Imbeciles who backed out at the last minute. We had several strong players so we decided to give it a try with 1 minute left on its timer.

We started off strong knocking out more than half the beasts health in the first 2 minutes, its future sight was ineffective against our TRez army and we where fighting strong. Then disaster struck, one player disconnected then seconds later a second had his phone lock up on him.

We fought hard 8 of us batting for all we were worth. The time was ticking down, but we fought hard and with only 3 seconds left on the clock we claimed victory!!

Later in they day I managed to snag a 96% blue bird! Excellent day in raiding!


One of my best raid experiences was back in July. Lugia and Articuno were just released after GOFest and I went out on my second hunt to try and capture one of the birds. I beat two Lugias that day but they eluded capture. Overall, that put me 0-5 on capturing a Legendary bird. I was discouraged to even try another raid that day. However, an Articuno raid was nearby and my friends wanted to do it so I healed up some Mons and we headed to a park well known to Pokemon go players because of the abundance of poke stops. When we got there one of my rivals was there and some lower level trainers that had started playing again because of the birds being released. As we waited for more people to arrive I shared with them what would be effective against the Arti and spun some poke stops.
The battle started and the Articuno’s Ice beam was wrecking everyone’s Mons. One by one trainers were shouting out when their first 6 Mons had been defeated. With the Articuno nearly defeated and my last Mon being the only one still visible in the arena I asked if everyone was on their second team and they were. My Snorlax held on for the win and I got another chance at catching the bird. I caught it on my 5th throw and then proceeded to appraise it. It was a 100IV Arti. I was so happy with my capture I shrieked out of excitement and immediately appraised it again because I must of read Candelas appraisal wrong. Cheers to Pokemon Go for bringing out the kid in me. Nick named the Articuno “Look Away” to remind me not to dump all of my stardust and rare candies into it just yet. Here are a couple pics from that day.