Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!


Finally found a gengar to solo he was kinda tuff but I got him with 1 sec to spare only have 1 t-Rex battle ready at 3300 cp with b/Se so had to use hur and dragonite at 3100 cp DT/OR plus 2800 rydon MS/EQ 2900 rydon MS/SE plus 2 alakzam 2600 C/FS was fun only got a 80 or so % boss but it’s cool to me !! Now I just need to figure out how to beat alakzam I keep getting the 1 with confusion fast move it’s tough !


Keep sharing your experiences @Wayne9100. Nice to know that they are beatable and how you do it. I still haven’t had the chance to try.


I still haven’t been able to solo defeat a Jolteon. Lv 33 here, and even abusing SE typing against it (3000+ rhydon, all 3 of them with MS/EQ), the time runs out and the mon still has 5-10% of its life bar.

Never tried to solo any other lv 3 boss, but would like to try against Gengar.


Jolteon and flareon give me trouble all the rest of lvl 3 I figured out , all my golem are under 2500 so that takes me out of the flareon solo , but my son and I destroy it lol like 15 sec left on the clock and I have him pick his 2 dragonites and his 2vaperon and a blissey so he dosent get kicked out before the victory . Only issue is he won’t play much !


For the first time I tried to solo a level 3 Raid Boss. It was a Flareon (Fire Spin/Flamethrower)

Probably not the best choice to start with but I couldn’t resist. I tried three times with three different squads but could not down it on time. My guess is that I needed 10-15 seconds more.

First squad consisted of 6 Vaporeons. The problem is that my best Vaporeons don’t have Hydro Pump and the three I used with Hydro Pump are lvl 29/30 with IV’s between 44 and 80. I need to change the charge attack of my best Vaporeons (lvl 36,5, IV 93+) for sure and use them and leave the others in my backpack.

Other Pokémons I tried in my 3 different squads are:

  • Golem 87 2708 Rock Throw/Stone Edge
  • Rhydon 89 3075 Mud Slap/ Earthquake
  • Rhydon 87 2861 Mud Slap/Earthquake
  • Tyranitar 87 3433 Bite/Stone Edge
  • Dragonite 96 3385 Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Gyarados 91 3077 Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump.

I think I have the right Pokémons for it. Especially when I get my Vaporeons right.

And maybe I should dodge less and go all the way without dodging. Because I didn’t use al 6 Pokémons before I timed out.

Plus I finally decided to level up my 2 100% Rhydons (CP 3135 now with Mud Slap/ Stone Edge and the other one Rock Smash/Stone Edge). I know the 2nd one needs a differentFast Attack…

Although I had the idea that my other two Rhydons were less effective than the others. But maybe that’s just my imagination.

We’ll have another go soon.

General discussion

That golem is a beast I have never beat flareon solo but very close and that move set is the hardest I think for flareon , I want to try the joleton but I heard that is super tough , I did watch a fellow beat flareon solo but he had 3 100% iv maxed out golem with rt/se I believe they were like 2800 cp so it’s possiable just out of my range a little I have some golem rt/rb and rt/ap I don’t think they will work solo on flareon !!


After work today I made some rounds at my local gyms. The first gym, my home gym or the only one on the map from my house, had a level three Raid about to start in 14 minutes. I gave 5 of my teammates’ pokemon berries (including my Blissy) until they reached full health and I fed a golden razz berry to a near dead Dragonite that was happy to be flying above 3,000 CP for a short time again. While I was busy feeding berries a black car pulled up behind me without me noticing. Then he proceeded to reverse and in what looked like an evasive maneuver from “Fast and Furious” he backed into a parking spot out of GPS range from the gym. It was one fluid motion. I shook my head and decided to go to the next gym up the road a ways and come back for the level 3 raid after it had started (hopefully someone would be there to help me beat it by then). The next gym was owned by two level 30 instinct trainers. I used a Dragonite and beat their Execcutor and Typholsion in under 2 minutes without having to use a revive on my Dragonite. When I look up, the black car from before is there, this time quadruple parked, but in GPS range of the gym. I figured its either another pokemon go player or I have a tail so I got out of my car and went over to meet another trainer. Turns out it was the infamous trainer named PokeNinja that I’ve never run into but always see around town representing in Valor gyms! He had followed me. He wanted to battle the level 3 gym and knew I had been playing pokemon before because the Pokemon were fully motivated at the first gym because of me having fed them berries. We waited 7 minutes at the gym I just took down (he was locked out of the gym I had taken down right before he got there). We talked about GOFest, shared pokes, strategies, etc, and agreed to go battle whatever had hatched from the level three egg. It was a Machamp, I was excited, for him it was a Pokedex entry and he was more than happy he chased me down to battle it with him.

He was a level 30, I’m level 36, we beat the Machamp with I want to say more than 90 seconds to spare. He battled with a legacy Executor with Confusion Solar Beam, a powered up Espeon C/FS, a Dragonite with Hurricane, and I battled with a Dragonite with Hurricane, a Maxed Alakazam PC/FS, and an Exxecutor with Confusion/ Solar Beam. We got the exact same reward bonus, some revives, a good amount of razz berries, and 1 candy. He caught an above 80% Pokedex entry Machamp and I caught a 100% Machamp!!! It had bullet punch and dynamic punch. I used a fast TM I got from soloing an Electabuzz raid boss yesterday and got counter for its fast move. I do have a suspicion that the reason why I caught a 100 % raid boss is due in part because I had just berried every pokemon in the gym to full health (including my own blissly), spun the gym stop once in a 24 hour time period, dealt the most damage against the raid boss, had team control, and a silver badge for the gym that we beat the raid boss at. What a beauty of a Machamp, here he is:


Congrats @SCArsenalGunner that’s an awesome machamp indeed!


Just tried to take down a Tyranitar with only 2 other trainers. Got our asses handed back to us. The other 2 trainers got all 6 attackers dead and 3 of mine were. Time ran out and we only moved his health meter down less than halfway.


Yesterday my son played on his tablet while I had my phone functioning as a hotspot for him. We walked together, caught Pokémon and hatched eggs. No problem so far.

But we could nog fight a raidboss together. Is this normal? My timer was about 8 seconds behind his and sometimes his timer showed ‘-73’. Both our screens showed both our images like we actually were together waiting for the timer to countdown to 0. We tried several times but we never ended up fighting in the same team.


Hi @Cirithungolem, no that’s not normal. I hotspot 3 or more phones plus my own tablet and we can always raid together. They have joined raids and fights slower but that’s due to the phone I feel and it’s load times. They use a Samsung J1. Also I play on my Samsung Tab S2 as well hotspotted to my phone, never had issues like you have mentioned.


Thanks @Midnght ! Good to know it can work. We’ll have another go soon then my son and I.


My kids have the Xfinity WiFi hot spots on their devices but so far none of them correspond with gyms near our house. I have to log on to their accounts with my phone and go fill their bags up with Pokeballs.


You should check that both phone and pad are set to automatic date and time.


Drop the raid pass exactly one second all at the same time or go to a private group.


The date and time on the tablet aren’t set automatically. I haven’t figured out yet how to do it but I will. Thanks for the reply!


That’s a good idea! I will try this later on. Thx!


I just wanted to fight a Muk…


I’ve seen this before in a topic. It hasn’t occured to me yet. I guess it was an easy fight with such high CP Pokemon. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess you’re right. That Muk would have been finished in about 10 seconds :grin: