Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!


Happy to finally have another good IV Machamp in the arsenal. I’m 12/15 on raids won/catch. Flareon, Gengar and one Tyranatar fled on me and couldn’t beat two lvl 3 solo and one lvl 4 with three are failed raids. 18 so far…


Just solo’d my first level 3 raid (Arcanine) it definitely took some powering up. Now that squad is complete :sweat_drops::mountain:


Nice job! What level are you @wallyboywonder? I still want to try a level 3 boss myself.


The other day I was fighting a Muk raid boss when for the first time I saw another player. After I finished Muk on my main she asked me if I was a player too and if I could help her defeat the raid boss. Lucky for her I have 4 accounts so I helped her with my alt (even though she kicked my Blissey from the gym next door 5 minutes earlier :joy_cat:). That was my first encounter with another player. It was really nice. And 5 minutes later three kids came by and I helped them as well since they were level 15. So that felt good. Hopefully I’ll see them more often and maybe we could even do level 3 of 4 raid bosses one day.


Careful. Arcanine I did twice. Tried and failed on machamp.

Doable. But you need the nuts, on all 6 slots. Arcanine typing makes it easier. My team was fully maxed double vaporeon, Golem, omistar, Donovan, and (I think) alakazam.

Harder on certain typings. And I think alakazam’s (boss) atk stat might be the biggest issue for that fight.


Thanks for replying. I need to be careful what Pokémon to max out. But I have quite some nice Golems, Rhydons, Vaporeons and an Omastar. I’ll post my experiences once I fight an Arcanine raidboss.

This afternoon I beat a Jolteon but I had ‘help’ from a level 30 trainer. I say ‘help’ because he didn’t use any ground Pokémon : Xatu, Arcanine, … So he didn’t have any clue what mons to use. We had about 45 seconds left so maybe I could have defeated it alone. I don’t think so cause I heard Jolteon is really tough to solo. Until we meat again Jolteon!


Lvl 35 but I’m always low on stardust. Got a pretty high lvl squad


1st try I demolished vaporeon I used 2600 jolteon ts/tndr venosaur 2300 rl/sbeam eggscutor 2600 c/sbeam eggscutor 2500 znhb/sBeam and a few low power jolteon like 2200 cp there was like 20 some seconds left I was exited but no tms solo of course hard to find help my way / arcaine was tougher but I got him with 3000cp vaperon X 2 with wg/hp and 2 rydons in the 2800 cp range ms/eq plus golem in the 2500 cp range ms/eq the arcaine had wild charge which helps vaperon defeat him cause once u get hit your charge move hpump is at least half way charged just from takeing damage so I enjoyed useing vaperon against wild charge / now alakazam is a different story he had c/fs and I could not get him because I forgot he was weak to bug so my pincers and scizor s sat on the side line and I only have 2 tyrantors 1 is it/fb so it’s a no go all these solo raids and only 1 charge tm I have no luck with those !!


Watch out for those multiple accounts, technically it’s against terms o service in PoGo… if they find out you would end up being banned, so I wouldn’t brag about it so much :wink:


Actually the other three accounts are my wife’s, daughter’s and son’s account. Each connected to their google account. But they don’t play anymore. Is it still agianst terms of service?


IMHO you only need worry about such if your swapping accounts on one device. If you are using different accounts on different devices you shouldn’t have a problem. If you do need some cheap devices I’d suggest the prepaid verizon samsung J1, providing they’re still only $15 each at Target. :slight_smile: just hotspot your phone and use the cheap cell without activating it. Works great.


Quick question we have only 1 phone to use so when I’m done with my players account I sign out then my son uses my phone for his google account will that get me banned ? If so I need all the loot I spent back lol


Probably not, but you never know with game designers. Just as best practice though, it’s always best to play any game one account one device sadly. Real cheaters always break things for the rest of us. LOL


Hi, well I found this…

No cheating.

Don’t do it. Play fair. Pokémon GO is meant to be played on a mobile device and get you outside to explore your world! Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: using modified or unofficial software; playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling/trading accounts.

It is on their official Support Page:émon-GO-Trainer-guidelines

Check it out, I know you’re not doing anything bad… It’s just what it says on the page, I’m just trying to warn you so you wouldn’t get banned or something. Best wishes :smiley:


I guess no because there is 2 people playing, but… In case you get banned somehow follow them, they sure would help you out with that :smiley:


As long as you’re not shaving gyms, I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you’re getting on your sons account and knocking one mon out of a gym and then using your own account to fill the spot, I think that’s cheating


Funny info. U know that glitch where after someone attacks a gym and throws, everyone else is locked out for 10 min? Annoying. Yes. But actually kills shaving.


Thankyou @FelipeNumpaque for the info!


I don’t do that actually. I consider that as cheating too.


Wow I got a machamp raid with bp/ cc and I took him down solo finally well 2 time but I walked 2 evees to make espon and got 2 c/Fs what a powerful move the Evees took a while to find but I got a pair of 800 cp and walked them 10 km each it paid off big I used 2 Espon 2600 cp 2 alakzam 2600 cp with c/fs and a dragonite 3100 Sw/HC never dodged and my zn/psk eggscutor 2714 finished him off and I got my 2nd tm out of 30 raid battles was great !!