Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!


I like to read you, no answer, sorry.
But you have to think in the poor not native english speaking, hahaha. You can’t imagine the energy I need to read your posts. But, please, don´t stop, it’s a lot of fun to try to understand you. :sunglasses:


I tried my first level four raid. It was in the middle of a downtown area during lunch time and we only had 4-5 people doing it. Tried several times, but only got the charizard down to about 1/3 of its health left. An army of vaporeon could barely make a dent.

If niantics goal is to get me to want extra raid passes, they are failing. It’s a waste of resources. They need to match the difficulty to how many people are fighting. I don’t see how I will be able to ever have a large enough group for a level four boss much less a legendary when the time comes. They are going to turn off a large portion of their player base from caring about raids


I’m a lvl 36 trainer and I paired up with a lvl 32, and 31 trainer this past weekend to try and take down this lvl 4 Charizard! I only got to use 4 of my Mons before we timed out. We tried a second time but the outcome was the same. So one valor player, one mystic, and one instinct parted ways off to real world obligations. Until next time Charizard, until next time :slight_smile:


Finally took down my first level four…it was a snorlax. Tried three times before we got it. Ended up taking nine people and we just barely got him down with about ten seconds left. I got my first tm and a bunch of other stuff and caught the snorlax on my second throw…he’s a keeper

Also, there was a freaking tyranitar 4-5 blocks from where I work, but I couldn’t get away to try it. That’s the first one I’ve seen.


Getting ready to do a raid with at 8 other players. First lvl 4 raid. Looking forward to it


First raid was a giant fail, but I did join a local group that communicates the raids. They sent out a ,essays and we ended up taking down a 34000 CP tyrantitar with 15 players. Cooperative group play really does make it fun to raid.


Don’t we all fail sometimes? So far a tyranitar, snorlax, machamp all ran from me lol


In my village it is impossible to defeat a level 4 Raid boss unfortunately. No one shows up. I have to go to the big city and hope for the best. I once had luck with a Tyranitar. It was exciting but at the end not a challenge at all because we ended up beating it with 15 trainers. That’s too easy. I would love to try to beat it with 6 or 7 trainers.

My only real challenge is to defeat a level 3 boss solo. I haven’t had the opportunity yet so I have no idea if I stand a chance.


Yes you do have a chance , I’m a solo player and lvl 37 with a lot of alakzam (19) vapes(24) dragonite (6) and machamp (18) most have fighting moves now the machamp , plus high power arcains spelling errors im sorry and gengar with shadow claw shadow ball you just have to use there best se movesets like vaperon has to have hydropump and so on I got lucky to have a mix of everything where I live I mean tons of mixed up spawns and slot of time playing .but I don’t win all the time if there is lag but I do solo lvl 3 bosses


I tried three times to take down a Magma by myself today, and almost did it. But almost wasn’t good enough. Had to walk away, with a sore finger!


I’ll have a try one of these days with my best SE mons. I’ll let you know.


Don’t give up eh? :slight_smile:
Did you use Water or Rock mons?
They are best against a fire Raid boss.

For example:

  • Vaporeon with Hydropump
  • Golem with Rock Throw/Stone Edge.


@Cirithungolem, unfortunately I don’t have a good Vaporeon yet, just one I caught in the wild. I’m waiting till I get a good Eevee to evolve. I’ve evolved some not so good ones into Umbreon and Flareon. I had a quick look online between attempts, and used Omastar, Starmie, Golem, Rhydon, and 2 Kinglers. I was dodging as well, when I could, and using special attacks. They probably weren’t very good ones. There was just a tiny bit of red left, when time ran out. It killed me to give up, but there was no one around to help me out.


We just mauled a Tyranitar with 5 (lvl 29-35) down at “The Shield”. That was the most fun I’ve had during a raid so far. “Water Pulse” Vape and “Close Combat” Ursaring are OP against. Also used Machamp and Gyarados, got my 10 raid badge also.:v:t2:


Took down my first raid tyranitar today. I was watching a level four due to hatch around noon and when a tyranitar popped out, I ran towards it, but was disappointed when I got there because I was the only one in the raid lobby

one person joined, but we both bailed the lobby before the battle started because doing it with two would have been a waste of time and resources. Eventually we had 5 or so, and we tried but it ended up with only four of us in the battle and we lost. At this point about twenty minutes had passed, and two people walked up. My phone kept crashing (this has been a common annoyance since the update, anyone else experiencing this?), but I finally made it into the battle with twenty seconds gone. We beat it with relative ease with 8-9 people with most being less than lvl 30. No TMs unfortunately and only 8 balls to work with. I decided to go golden raz and caught it on the first throw (everyone wasn’t so lucky).

Some things I’ve noticed in my area with the raid system- level four raids with tyranitar, lapras, snorlax and occasionally charizard seem to attract players, but it takes time. I would say 15-20 minutes into the raid is the prime time to get in. A lot of these people are in text groups and it takes them a while to get there (also, loser spoofers take a little while to spread the word before they finally teleport)

Blastoise and venusaur aren’t as popular…multiple attempts and never got enough people. Level three raids are almost a lost cause. I would love some high IV alakazams or machamps, but no one wants to raid them and I can’t do it myself. I don’t bother with the eveelutions, so not sure about them.

Level one and two are obviously doable solo and a good way to get high IV muk or a good qulava/bayleef/crocanaw to evolve. Finally got a good quilava for my typhlosion that way after catching probably 100 cyndaquil during the fire/ice event and coming up empty.


as a solo player, so far i’ve succeed in all soloable raid.
as for non-soloable raid, so far i encounter Alakazam and Machamp.(Pair up with some random people)
Got timed out.and both timed out were very very very very close timed out.
its like if only i could charge it with a charge moveset we might had been defeated it but we could not make it.
All and all, it was a very good time.
really need to find some friends to play this.


I really like this new way of playing, since my best fighters are truly glass cannons :smiley: Now my hardly raised Charizards (Charmander family is very rare around here) are very useful, and I’m loving it :smiley:


Yeah, um, I might have lead some people wrong and I apologize. It seems SOME 3s are soloable and others are just a bit too much. I soloed an arcanine but couldnt do the machamp.


All level 3 raids are soloable if you have the right Pokémon and they are leveled up high enough. Realistically most players don’t have enough high CP, high IV Pokémon to do it, but with a strong lineupit can be done.


Yeah, I came close. I definitely see the possibility. The problem is the single typing. Arcanine was beaten because golems (plural) delt top damage while mitigating most everything. For fighting you got psychic, flying, fairy, and…I think that’s it. I think I need to try poison too. Alakazam will top on the damage, but the glass armour is too frail. Espeon does well, but sorta frail too. I honestly think double-psychic excecutor is the best choice. I sadly, just changed mine to double plant.

That’s the real issue. We work up and perfect things to counter the meta if the raid boss lines up with that, then great. But something like champ and alakazam are weird single typing with weird, non-standard counters.

Edit: Oh, and Blissey is never acceptable, I’m sorry. I normally stay away entirely, but 6th slotted it (hell Zen headbutt, dazzling gleam good right?). Wrong! Blissey damage output is so horrendous it does not give a significant enough damage contribution. Even on SE move typing!

Seriously, were it not for blissey fat ass that knocks lamps off the table in the next room over, she would suck and see no real use.