Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!


I was fighting a raid and after I defeated the Boss it showed me the cp of the pokemon what I will get before I got to the catching screen. Is this thing in pokemon go


Now the connection has come back…
To me has happened the same, the Boss (a Bayleef) had 4500 CP, but after winning the fight, the Bayleef to catch as a price (the same Bayleef) has now 702 CP. Really not Mon special, I have not used my Golden Razzberry…
But I was informed before, the Boss to fight and the Boss to catch can’t be the same. Imagine, to catch a Magikarp of more than 1000 CP, what a Monster of a Gyarados would come out, once evolutioned?


This is just a rant about the gyms:

Allows me to get high IV Pokémon

Not a lot of pros, are there…

Impossible to solo many raids
I play in a rural area, so it’s only me trying to take down 20,000 cp Pokémon
You cannot really hang on to raid passes without spending money

If legendaries are released in my area as a raid which me ( and the 2 other people that play the game) cannot take down I will quit.
What’s the point if the game is centred around the city play and the large group play as well.

I have posted this on another thread of it looks familiar



Having so much fun with these! My first ever raid was against TTar. Didn’t realize how aggressive it’d be, so I failed to catch it, but happily took 3 charge TMs out of it to change my Blissey’s charge move to DG.

Been making a lot of new friends with these and a FB group chat has opened up to alert everyone in the town of raids. I pointed out a second TTar raid that I managed to catch, and now I’m happily stocking up on rare candies for legendaries.


You only get rewarded charge TM when you bet a boss with level 4 and not sure about level 3


Just beat my first raid boss. It was a lvl 2 electabuzz. I had to beat it by myself because once again there weren’t any other players. I can’t beat lvl 4 guys by myself and haven’t tried lvl 3 yet. Very frustrating.


Just wait for the egg to hatch then battle them? Priories for lvl 4 bosses: Tyranitar, Snorlax & Lapras. I mean unless you wanna farm golden berries & rainbow candies it’s better at being selective.


Hahaha it sounds like you had good times. I had to fight a venusaur that day as well. Me and 2 spoofers. I know how it feels when the healt bar just barely reduce. I was just spamming attacks and the spoofers didn’t know how to fight. They don’t know how to deal good damage.
At least there are plenty Vapourleon ready for the Charizard. The venusaur wasn’t, it’s like I’m barely doing any damage at all haha! So spoofers are friends spoofers are the help these days !


There’s one alternative solution. Using the backdoor my friend. Tweet the location to fsualt and they will send you plenty of spoofers to help haha. I mean if Niantic want us to live peacefully with all kind of players in the community? No problem !


Yeah, 3 for 3. Now. Catches all. Today was venasaur. Showed up there was 7 people already, but they were having trouble. I had to direct.

It’s just like I said before. Pay attention to how you’re losing. If your blissey timing out you need to deal more damage. Lose tankier guys on shit dmg (like blissey lol) for straight up glass cannons. Sounds crazy. It’s not. He can’t kill me!!! Look at the bar. At some point make the call to stop ALL dodging and hammer the aggro.

I really like it. I’m commited now to kinda level 4 only. If I’m totally bored one day I might hit pink eggs on a premium.


Why not ? Treat yourself :wink:
By the way what you use against a venusaur? They don’t have double weaknesses! Fire, Psychic, Bug are not damaging fast enough in my experience


I posted in your thread. No double weakness is a downer. Success comes in numbers. I, um, personally feel those groups couldn’t have done it without me (I’m 38). Bad luck on movesets is also pretty crummy, and I’m still trying to work out ways for people to enjoy this who aren’t as hyper dedicated as me.

Maybe…get more chops on level 3s to build a familiarity and just what works well. I’m anxious to try out tyranitaur and rhydon myself. For some reason they seem like they’d be easier then the starters due to bigger weaknesses.

Oh, and do a machamp…to try and get the damn machamp! Best movesets is the new one (counter, close combat), number one for tanking tyranitaur, and excellent utility for snorlax, rhydon, AND lapras. Plus I don’t have that move roll yet.


Ever since it started I have one major question how long does it last and just two seconds you answered almost all my questions thank you very much I’m glad I signed up for this group


Anyone else seeing errors on Raids? This happened to me twice. I’m in the Gym waiting for the Pink Raid Boss Egg to hatch. It shakes, starts to hatch and then I get the Red Error banner. Then I get a screen with pre-selected Pokemon. I have no idea what I’m fighting. The timer counts down and as soon as it says go, I get another Red Error message. This happened twice. So I exit the Gym, reboot my phone and try again. This time I was able to battle and complete the Raid. I wrote it off as GPS drift for this Gym around tall buildings.

So I walk to another Gym that has a Yellow Egg Raid pending. I meet three other trainers there. Same thing happened to me again. The other trainers easily defeated the Raid Boss and I was stuck there with a Red Error message and trying to solo.


How do you do Raids? Where do you do raids? Can someone answer me on this please.


4/4. Today’s wall trophy: Snorlax.

6 people total. I was a little scared. My lineup: Machamp, Alakazam, Scizor, Golem, Ursaring, Snorlax (Lick, Beam) All maxed but the snorlax (still over 3100).

We go. Trounced. First try. I was actually disappointed and giving little evil laughs. I kept checking the timer bar vs health (like I outlined before) and just thought “That can’t be right.”

It was. Done with about 15 seconds left. The starters were waaaay harder. He was a lick/quake, so that worked supremely in our favour. Thing about quake is, when you first start to see the dirt flood up the field is actually the perfect time to let off and Dodge. The damage comes that late. With such an obvious indicator AND being a lick it was about the worst defensive move roll. I mean, I was still on glass cannons when 2/3 of his health was gone. Awesome. Good prize.

3 snorlax candies for the catch, and 8 snorlax candies for the raid. Oh. I mean rare candies. Silly me. Same thing though.


@jstaylor62 I’m seeing error in normal battles. When I have taken down two or three, it suddenly starts showing error, each time I’m starting to battle the next one. I end up giving up. As I was half way through battling down a gym, and this happened, someone added a new Pokemon with full motivation, so I gave up. Not worth wasting all my revives and potions. The gym was full of Pokemon that had been there for over a day, so I was doing them a favour sending them home.


Might as well do one per day since that’s how many free passes you get. I did a Bayleef today and beat it (again by myself) easily. There is a quilava right now, but not worth me leaving my house to get it. If I haven’t used my raid pass by the time I’m driving home, I just use it before I get home.

Today the timing was off, there was a gengar and a lapras close to my job, but I couldn’t leave. I work in a city, so I want to try raiding because I think there is a higher chance more people will participate. Would love to find a tyranitar, but if that happens and I don’t have a pass I’m sure as hell buying one


Once you’ve hit Level 25 you should be getting notifications in-game about raids at gyms within your nearby radius. There’s a two-hour countdown, then it’s revealed what Pokémon you’ll be fighting if you go there. If you decide that you want to you go to the gym, select “battle” on the screen (spending a raid pass), wait for two minutes during which you can select your team and the game will try to match you with other players that want to do the raid, then you automatically go into battle.
Raid bosses stay up for an hour after they’re revealed and in that time you can try as many times as you’d like to defeat it. Once you win you can’t try again, though.
Oh, and you get raid passes either for free (one a day from spinning Pokestops) or you can buy them in the shop for 100 coins (one at a time, but as many as you want in a day)


Ok, so help me out. You know how I always spout of yada-yada rock throw/edge Golem is the best stuff, right?

Oh, I still am. This is just adding to raid prep.

Question: He’s both-types super effective against…all three kanto birds, right? I mean articuno “could” hurt him worse. But I’m right, yes?

I need to crank a 2nd one. Maybe a third…