Raid hour Postponed 18-09-2019


For the people who didnt hear yet:

Niantic Twitter announced Raid hour today will be postponed to a later date cause… Well cause its Niantic and apparantly flipping a switch for the 30th time is incredibly hard.


Honestly, if i were working at Niantic and was looking for a different job i would just leave those years ive spent there BLANK on my resume. Who would want to have the circus they are running there on their experience list.


Stil got my self a 2nd Mewtwo though, thanks to the 15 raid attendence. (No spoofers)


Flipping a switch in a global, multi-user, multi-server, real-time, complex, interacting system.

Even without miscreants attacking networks and servers that’s some mind-numbingly complicated programming and system management, not a bleeping light bulb.


The way networks got so bogged down around 6:30 last evening around California might have hinted that the synchronized surge of a frenzied dinner-hour event would cripple the system.


Well then theyd better start spending a bit of those 3 BILLION dollars they made already from this game.
Im not going to be not mad about this at Niantic because “its a bit difficult”. They have the time and resources to prepare and test for stuff like this. The only thing getting in their way is their own huge incompetence.


Throw more money at it, that ought to fix everything. About as well as it can overcome the fundamental laws of physics or the social ills of nations.

Ever done programming professionally?


Nah, thats why i dont get paid for it.


I suggest that your perspective on the issue at hand might change radically after working awhile on software having dozens of functional components comprising millions of lines of code (especially with real-time, networked architectures).

I loved large-scale software work for about 20 of the 25 years I did it; but would be loath to return, even for a potentially lucrative opportunity.


Honestly not that upset about it, did my raids got a shiny, will do the raid hour when they do the make up and hope I get a 2nd shiny


A dozen people formed a raid train here and did a string of 5 raids. There were isolated shinies, but 4 people got double shiny (one on both of their phones on the same raid). There were some server delays and network errors, but it generally went ok.

Basically we had a mewtwo dinner hour anyway.


We did the same here with 10 raids, my friend ended up getting 3 shinies in total, he got a double shiny on the first raid


We did same thing last night. I only did four raids, but it continued on long after I left.


The problem was reverting the 90 minutes raid time. They had to propagate over 3000 lines of code on the 193000 servers they use. That takes over 30 hours to be completed… Still, there where some lines that botched the increased rate of raids.
Kinda like the weather system going down on the Slakoth CM day.


I didn’t need another reason not to like having Deoxys go to the non-exclusive T5 raid boss for a week, but I’ll take it. Good riddance.

I’m hoping the make-up for the aborted dinner hour might be the kind of raid day they gave to the legendary birds and beasts (3-hours, with 5 free raid passes). That would be too good to be true; but I’ll still hope for it. (the trade-off being that those captured Mewtwos would only be level 15, instead of level 20…)


They did that 2 times by accident during the 2 weeks we had Deoxys and the beasts, and then they fixed it within a few hours the first time and 1 hour the second time…


Why would they be level 15? Thats only pokemon caught from special research. Raid day pokemon so far have been level 20 or 25 with weatherboost.


Having half my Enteis and Suicunes be level 15 confused me, because my memory of them as 3-hour raid specials is stronger than my memory of them as Field Research rewards. Been corrected on this before, though, so I can’t make excuses about it. Sorry for the repeat confusion, everybody, and thanks for the re-correction, @Robdebobrob.


The Raid Hour has been rescheduled for October 8th at the normal times.


Yeah, it’s a Tuesday instead of Wednesday