Quite disappointed with Shiny Regionals event


Dang, I’ve been checking every Tauros I’ve seen (which is like 3) and nada, haven’t even hatched one from a 7km egg yet, I keep getting Happiny’s and Alolan Grimers. Definitely frustrating when some of my friends have hatched 2 different shiny regionals and most of my friend list has hatched a shiny, and I’m in over 100 eggs and nothing.

Fingers crossed for this up coming week though.


I got 2 shinies this week. First I got shiny togepi. Then I got shiny Kangaskhan. I opened gifts everyday, got around 14-18 eggs each day.

I guess I’m lucky this time - though I want 4 of them. FYI. On regular day it’s hard for me to get shiny like sentret etc.


I hatched 85 eggs and no shiny. I will hatch 85 more this week and hopefully get a shiny regional or more.


I am now up to 52 eggs Nd still nothing


Little statistics to temper your expectations:
Chance of getting a regional from your 7km egg: 40%
Chance of that regional being shiny: Last week 1/50. Since yesterday its actually 1/150. Lets hope they change that back soon.

So yeah the rate is actually pretty low. Im not gonna waste money on this. The only shinies i care about are legendary anyways so raid passes for Mewtwo it is.


Update: after 134 eggs last week, the 7th egg i hatched this week yielded a shiny tauros


3 more popped this morning and all were junk babies.
Still on 0 Shiny


Final Egg hatch before I decided to focus on the new Unova eggs was a 96% non-Shiny Mr. Mime. Hard to be mad LOL


No shines. No Mr Mime or Farfetched but plenty of Tauros , which I had plenty of before this started. Most of my hatchlings have been babies, also which I’ve got enough of. I’d be happy with 1 Mr. M and 1 Farfetched. Unfortunately my chances are nil unless I buy another box.


I’m only hatching one egg at a time. I either get a shiny or I don’t. Not spending hard earned coins on an incubator that burns away twice as fast. Going to need to spend those coins on Pokemon storage.


Another 9 more 7k Eggs popped and still on 0 Shiny. Got the last of what I didn’t have in an Alolan Sandshrew.


I have Hatched almost 100 eggs and still no shiny


I’m 200 eggs in with the final hours ticking by, hoping to hatch one more batch to restock before the event ends.

at 200 eggs for me, and another 150 for my GF, i’m the only one of us 2 that got lucky with 2 shinies, Mr Mime (my own regional) and a Kangaskhan. My GF on the other hand caught 2 wild shiny Mr. Mime, one of which she traded for a shiny Kangaskhan (she uptraded that for sure). So she’s at 2 now aswell, although not from the eggs.

Still we are both very disappointed in the event. ~350 eggs total, 2 shinies and a ton on money spend. I know other people are less lucky, but i also know a lot of people that were way more luckier then we were. We sad now.


I don’t have an exact count for mine or combined for the families 4 all up but it a lot of 7k eggs for 0 Shiny combined.


No Shiny here…


Me neither. I only hatch 1 at a time though.


Have only 9 eggs left for all the regionals :confused:


Me too. And since I haven’t hatched a Shiny for almost 11 months now I’m very sure I’m not going to hatch a Shiny regional or something else.


After two weeks and over 240 eggs I hatched a shiny Tauros, Farfetch’d, a hundo Cleffaand and a handful of 96-98% regionals. As well as catching two shiny Tauros in the wild.


Last chance to get shiny regionals - I have 8 7km eggs to hatch.