[Q&A]Share your shiny catches!



I now have 59(!) Shinies​:smile::no_mouth:


i got 78 :wink:






You beat me by 20


41 currently


Yeah boi, he’s in the pocket!!! :heart_eyes:


Wait, something is strange. The day (actually the night) before Articuno Day, I caught a shiny Murkrow. I missed out on the Articunos, sadly.

Now it’s the day before Zapdos Day, and I catch another shiny. Coincidence? Will I miss out on Zapdos either? Probably, because of the rurality here.
But hey, I’m happy with the shiny Murkrow & Swablu tho.


Playing for just over a month now, already got 4 shiny’s.
1 Squirtle
1 Blastoise
1 Minun
1 Plusle

I Like the constant updates on Leek Duck’s Shiny list, but I’m missing the Alola shiny’s.


Alolan shinies aren’t in the game yet, that’s why you don’t see them😉


Btw I’m on 21 shinies now.

EDIT: A month later and I doubled it lol


Lol that makes me worst of all regulars
Oh wait
Im no regular anymore lol

[Q&A] Who has Shinies?

What did Niantic do with the shiny rates? Or is that because I’m not in the Netherlands now? :joy:


Lol u are now 100% better then me


Not really as you and @Jormdeworm are the same level.


He is closer to 35


I now got 59 Shinies(What i have)
1 Shiny Ivysaur
1 Shiny Venasaur
1 Shiny Charmander
3 Shiny Charizard
5 Shiny Squirtle
1 Shiny Blastoise
3 Shiny Raichu
1 Shiny Magikarp
1 Shiny Gyarados
1 Shiny Articuno
1 Shiny Zapdos
1 Shiny Dratini
3 Shiny Dragonair
3 Shiny Dragonite
2 Shiny Flaaffy
3 Shiny Ampharos
4 Shiny Larvitar
2 Shiny Tyranitar
3 Shiny Ho-Oh
1 Shiny Lugia
2 Shiny Aggron
1 Shiny Medicham
2 Shiny Plusle
1 Shiny Minun
8 Shiny Roselia
1 Shiny Swablu
1 Shiny Altaria
1 Shiny Absol
1 Shiny Kyogre


Wow, that is quite a collection, and I thought my 44 shinies weren’t that bad…


Lol i dont even have ho-oh


no, i have them too. shiny mightyena is cool!

What is your favorite Johto Pokémon?