[Q&A]Share your shiny catches!



Cmon your on a streaaaaaak


No, I forgot to catch a shiny yesterday…

Otherwise I’ve been on day 4 of the streak.


good job!




Just added another one😋


Wow how


for me:



Mine looks like this:
1 Aggron
1 Blastoise with Sunglasses
1 Charizard
1 Charmander
1 Charmeleon
1 Dragonite
1 Dratini
6 Eevee
1 Espeon
3 Flareon
1 Ivysaur
2 Jolteon
1 Mareep
1 Medicham
1 Minun
1 Murkrow
1 Pikachu
3 Plusle
1 Raichu
1 Roselia
3 Squirtle
1 Sunflora
1 Swablu
1 Umbreon
1 Vaporeon
1 Venusaur
1 Wailmer
1 Wartortle
1 Wobbuffet
42 total




We are part of the few people that have shiny poochenya and mighteyana.


I got this today :smiley:


Another new one


And another one… :grin:
I’ve caught a shiny 3 days in a row now😆

See this:

August 17th, Shiny Wailmer caught.
August 17th, Shiny Roselia caught.
August 18th, Shiny Plusle caught.
August 20th, Shiny Mareep caught.
August 21st, Shiny Sunkern caught.
August 22nd, Shiny Sunkern caught.

The biggest question is: How? But I definitely can’t complain😁


No shiny jet since 12-08-2018


You have been extremely lucky! I managed a houndour on the 20 but nothing since, maybe I’ll open your gift today and see if some of that luck comes with it :grin:


All of the shiny you caught except mareep are shinies i dont have
I usually only catch shinies at CD


Same here, only Roselia was out of a CD or event. The four others where CD.


Just encountered this


Wow,congratulations @Brobraam !


Lol its kinda ugly xD