[Q&A] How many/which Shinies do you have?



I caught my first shiny tonight, LOL. In my house no less. I was beginning to think I was cursed or something! A Shuppet…not a fave of mine, but definitely not complaining! The shiny gods finally smiled upon me and I hope they keep it up. :joy:


6 shiny Beldum and a shiny Shinx. I had a nice Community Day. :smiley:


So jelly of your beautiful golden Shinx! What a catch :heart_eyes:


Nice catch from level 1 raid :heart_eyes:


in @Jormdeworm backyard lol
(Not literally, but just inside of Dordrecht)


And I still don’t live there :joy::joy:


and in Dordrecht and in Hellevoetsluis, right?


Yes, but I am not often in Dordrecht actually.


Nice, congratulations, even I see a lot of wild Houndour, still no shiny yet


Literally the last Pokemon i saw on my vacation. Glad i did not not tap it


That’s a very memorable souvenir to you.


Just got another golden dog.


Your ball is shiny too :crazy_face::money_mouth_face:


@coolguy761 is right, shiny ball on a shiny dog, how many do you have? @Jormdeworm


Balls or shiny (golden dogs)?


How many shiny balls do you have?
How many shiny dogs do you have? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have 2 golden Poochies. Got them both during Halloween 2018.


You are very lucky


I have to agree on that. :grin::grin:

But not with Kanto shinies, so far all the Kanto shinies I have, were from Community Day.


yeah. First one of today