[Q&A] How many/which Shinies do you have?



That’s a high rate, congrats.


Well the event is boosting shinies and this was my 5th magikarp today


Not here…


But don’t you live near water?


Hi @MrHeineken88


I do. I must have checked over 1000 fishes but still no shinies. Neither during this event, which I already expected…


It is even mentioned on the official Pokémon Go website. It is only if you have android. Or de Iphone version has come out (not hear about.) The equivilant of Android version 0.119.2.


The story:

I was crossing a parking lot and dodging cars to get to a stop (for a gift for @MrHeineken88) when a karp spawned, and BOOM.


I should add at least 10 @MrHeineken88’s.


10 of me is a migrainattact waiting to happen. (ADHD) :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


And a few shiny Magikarps :stuck_out_tongue:


As friends?

Btw no stops or pokemon are in my game right now its a glitch.


Lol like everyone at school says they have that


I just want that shiny Magikarp.




Log out, restart the game, log in. Had some issues with game stability an hour ago.


12 % IV Yay :grin::grin::grin::grin::heart_eyes:


I don’t care much about IV’s of shinies.


same here. because it is SHINY :star_struck:


I just changed my nickname for the second time

I am now BossLapras333

But staying on topic lol