[Q&A]How many/which Shinies do you have?


Green is what i have in Dex
Yellow is event version
Blue is in box



Ok. Two minutes ago i captured the last one. But WHAT ARE EVEN THE ODDS? I have got another one! Those two were back to back




If the shiny rate didnt change the chance of that is:


Plusle & Minun shiny rates are insane high, I heard.




I caught the Devil😈




Plusle to go


Nothing, not one nor the other


For me, it were 2 shiny Plusle and a shiny Minun in 3 hours.


For me:
None of each after playing since 10:00


I had dramatic luck my first minun was shiny


For me the third, but I got none after that. I’m pretty sure I still checked a lot tho.


Here’s the new shiny checklist, updated with Plusle & Minun, for who wants to fill it in.


Did the colours a bit odd but here


I got 21 Shinies.


I got shiny plusle a few minutes ago


I got shiny plusle a few minutes ago