[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


I got one 100% Gastly from research task too, now it has become a lick Gengar, it took me a while to power it up to usable level


Magnifique!!! Bravo!


Yeah bwoi… this happened!!!


Hatched a 100% Turtwig today. :smiley:


I know it’s a long ways out still for a Turtwig Community Day (estimated arrival at September 2019), but Frenzy Plant on a Torterra would be bomb.


Two on one day!


I already have a perfect Groudon (this is my third one actually), but I actually filmed this one, so that’s cool.


And coupled with Earthquake, it would be a beast in ultra/great league.


Just few days too late from Egg hatch :roll_eyes:


December CD is still there though


Yeah! @NotanotherKangaskhan


The problem I have is that I’ve sworn off using Legendaries for PvP battling, so it doesn’t fit in that. I already have a perfect level 40 Groudon. This was the third one I caught (I traded the second one out in an attempt to Lucky Trade).




In order of when they happened:
Rapidash (hatched) Has 3rd move
Bellossom (Go Plus caught it as Oddish) going to have 3rd move
Tyranitar (equinox event hatch) Has 3rd move
Butterfree (crit catch)
Raticate girl (caught)
Jumpluff (caught)
Victreebel (caught)
Raticate boy (caught)
Ninetales (was a weather boosted CP420 Vulpix haha)
Flygon (hatch)
Cacturne (caught)
Golem (husband has a twin, caught!)
Whiscash (hatch)
Poliwrath (caught, hubby has twin!)
Ursaring (caught)
Clefable (hatch)
Shuckle (hatch) GO AHEAD, LAUGH!
Exeggcute (research catch)
Pikachu (female on Women’s Day event in October, hubby has twin)
Mightyena (caught, hubby has twin)
Mismagius (Go-tcha found him in base form)
Whiscash (caught, hubby has twin)
Mudkip (hatched same day as next entry!)
Spearow (caught 10 minutes behind Mudkip hatching! hubby and several others have one!)

I feel there’s a few lurking that have yet to be checked.

Don’t ask me to screenshot or name my shiny army, it’s crazy huge population.

I’ll add my husband’s full collection. 2 were lucky traded, which is like F********ck!
He started playing 12-23-17 and is super close to 38.
Alola Persian (hatch of course)
Gengar lucky (was near 0% when I had him!)
Masquerain lucky
Pikachu (same as mine)
Gengar (research)
Mightyena (same as mine)
Whiscash (same as mine)
Fearow (same as mine)
Azumarill (hatched on his birthday as an Azurill girl)
Wailord (hatched)
He likely has a couple he hasn’t checked, that’s how I discovered he had the perfect Alola Meowth hatch.




I’ve already explained that I only keep one of every species, and since I already had a 100% Groudon, it had no use for me. Had trading not have any trading IV nerf or Lucky Pokemon trades so unpredictable, I would have held onto it for trade. That’s the way I’ve chosen to play.

As for not using Legendaries in PvP, it’s mainly part of the silent agreement I’ve made with various trainers to level out the playing field. That being said, I don’t stop other players from using them if they desire, but I chose not to. My Blastoise destroying a Mewtwo shows how well I can use non-Legendaries. People hate my Metagross.


Yeah, I meant the legendaries
Actually, Ive partly adopted your “one per species”, I will only power-up more if its a hundo, shiny, has a unique moveset (soooo… TTar and Mewtwo) or is named “Garchomp”
It feels great to have more variety


My apologies if I came off more hostile than I meant.

The sad part about Groudon is that it can’t really learn any more movesets revelant to it. There’s no real point in having another Groudon when a perfect Groudon that will (eventually) have Earthquake and Solar Beam at the same time. My perfect Groudon will have those moves once I get enough Candy and Stardust.

Back to the Perfects, the Snubbull was the first Fairy-type hundo I’ve obtained. I now have at least one perfect representing every single type. :smiley:


Im missing a ton of them lol


My husband feels the same way, but he’s got some fantastic perfects on his end, like Machamp and Gardevoir.


Picked up 2 more on a recent business trip. A Beldum from a hatch and a meditite from the Denver airport :grin: