[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


I love my 100 IVs :))))


Wow that’s some incredibly lucky catching and hatching. How many Pokémon have you caught and hatched. I’m at 37000 and 3200 (14000 stops, I clicked the wrong medal) respectively and I have less than half that many


I caught only 13k Pokemons, Im very lucky, Im just lvl37, so all my 100% arent at max. CP (especially my little Tyra & Lugia :slight_smile: )


You caught 370k and hatched 140k Pokémon? Really?


Sorry missed by an order of magnitude, shouldn’t reply from my phone during my work breaks…


Nice - 100% mamoswine will be the best though with like 3k


Do you use a tracker to get all those? Hard time believing that’s all random luck.


7 100% Tyranitars
3 100% Dragonites and another 6 100% Dratini.

Not luck.


I miscounted my zeros and clicked the wrong tab for hatches and got Pokestops instead. My apologies, I was at work and in a hurry as I was finishing a short break


Haha, no apologies needed @Thorend. Are you working in a bar maybe, as a barkeeper? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am glad to hear you didn’t hatch 14k eggs.

14k Pokéstops isn’t that much by the way in your case, being level 40.


Recently I hatched a perfect Pichu and a perfect Growlithe on the same week, so that’s pretty nice. I’m not going to evolve that Pichu because I’m never using a Raichu anywhere and at 215 I can’t get a higher CP for a Pichu without wasting stardust on one. I don’t know what I should do with my Arcanine, because the moveset didn’t turn out that great and I’m already well equipped with good fire-type attackers, one of which is a ~90% Arcanine with Fire Fang and Fire Blast.

My only really useful one is my perfect Exeggutor (raided), probably the best grass-type attacker in the game with Bullet Seed and Solar Beam. Perfect Forretress (hatched) and perfect Wigglytuff (caught) might be decent at defending some gyms, I don’t know. I’ve got two more, but they’re trash no matter how you look at them: Pidgeot and Sunflora (both caught).


It has been a while, about two months but I got a new one.
Seen: 3727 Caught: 1786


Hahaha, a 100% Raattata. It’s not very usefull, but her tail is very nice…


The two electric types. I must have been instinct in another life…


Found this one when cleaning up all the Go Plus catches from a few nights ago. Will be 100% Wizard #2, pity they can’t take a hit or they would be real useful.


Another one found when cleaning up the Go Plus catches from a couple of days ago. This will be #3 Noctowl.


I have only 3:
-Charmander ——> Charizard
-Nidran F ——> Nidoqueen
-Eevee ——> Espeon

I see a lot of players put the iv in the Pokemon name, wouldn’t that be evidence to Niantic that we are using 3rd party app to actively check iv and risk getting banned when they decide to up the heat further on player control?


No, they are only concerned with, gps cheating, bot/mapping and any third party app that directly taps into their game.
Plenty of IV apps don’t tap directly into the game or require manual inputs. No foul there.


Yes for example @NotanotherKangaskhan was using poke genie which uses a screenshot to capture the data and compare it to a list to give you all the possible IV values. You can narrow that list by using the in game appraisals to eliminate some of the possibilities.


Yes I used the same app and named some of my captures with similar IV number, but with all the banning and warnings going on I became quite concerned what Niantic will do next. I have removed those iv names and changed the app to my old phone which I now only use for scanning iv.