[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Dang nice catch there @Mythical congrats


Hatched this sweet little Rhino this week:



Just hatched 5km egg from 3rd October 2016, that somehow I had missed till now - 100% Nidoran male! So now I have both, 100% Nidoqueen and Nidoking!! :smiley:


I have only three but caught them without map hack: Sneasel, Arbok and Marill. I am on lvl 34


I have 6 now, non of them is with best moveset
I’ve also transferred 2 perfect meowth by mistake x_X, don’t miss them anyway))


Got this beauty yesterday! Since I am team Mystic I am even more glad.


I’ve got 4: Tyranitar, Blastoise (Both from raids). Raichu, Hatched a 100% pichu with hat. The last one is a Nidorino.
I sadly might have discarded some, because I never checked the IV’s before. I now check them for pretty much everything since 2 months.


@Cirithungolem that’s an iPhone yes? What calc are you using ?


Poke Genie. Works with printscreens.


@Cirithungolem thanks for the info man


I think I am one of the few posting over here but I don’t mind.

Hatched a 100% Nidoran male today:

Normally I don’t evolve level 20 Pokémon but this time I’ll make an exception.


Caught 7483 / Hatched 384 / 100% 0. Closest I got is a 95.6% Vaporean. Maybe one day :slight_smile:


4203 catched / 220 hatched and a result of 3 100%. Good luck, @dorofo


A useless Pokémon but still a 100% species:


72 all up and 52 different types.
The only one from a hatch was Togepi. I may have trashed some early on in the game as I got to L28 before I knew anything about IV :grimacing:

Full list below as they currently are.
1x Charizard, 1x Blastoise, 1x Fearow, 3x Arbok, 3x Sandslash
1x Nidoqueen, 1x Nidoking, 1x Ninetails, 2x Wigglytuff, 2x Persian
1x Golduck, 2x Mankey, 1x Arcanine, 1x Alakazam, 2x Machamp
1x Tentacruel, 1x Golem, 1x Rapidash, 1x Magneton, x1 Dodrio
1x Cloyster, 3x Exeggcute, 1x Marowak, 3x Rhydon, 1x Kangaskhan
1x Electabuzz, 4x Magikarp, 1x Gyrados, 1x Ditto, 2x Jolteon
1x Omastar, 1x Cyndaquil, 1x Typhlosion, 1x Furret, 2x Noctowl
1x Togetic, 1x Xatu, 1x Azumarill, 1x Politoad, 1x Sunflora
1x Quagsire, 3x Murkrow, 1x Slowking, 1x Misdreavus, 2x Granbull
1x Qwilfish, 1x Ursaring, 1x Octillery, 1x Mantine, 2x Houndoom
1x Miltank, 1x Tyranitar


:scream: x3 100% Snorlax’s
I’m 59/55 caught/hatched for Snorlax and can’t even get one in the 90% range.


I just got a 100 IV eevee, which was one of major goals in the game for me!


I’m not quiet shure how happen these things… but we have a lot of players here, much of them spend a lot of their time in PoGo, other not so much. But if you look their stadistics, I think the usual is a porcentage between 0 and 10 100% IV’s.

And then there comes a player and tells us he has 72 100%'ers…

I need ALL my imagination (and still I’m inquiet) to think that this is a case of casuality or luck…

@NotanotherKangaskhan , I think something is going wrong here…


What do you think is wrong?
Don’t talk in riddles just come out and say it.
I can post a pic of every single one if that’s what you want?