[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Wow just caught a 100% iv horsea cp 658 hp 50 4000 dust at my pier almost passed it up my dog got splashed by a wave and almost pulled me off the pier he is scared of waves and it’s rough today !!! Just need a dragon scale and hopefully I get DB/OTRGE my 4 other kingdra have Db/Hp and 1 wg/Blz


I just hatched my first 100% IV pokemon. However, it is pretty bad… Cleffa


I just hatched this chikorita from a 5k from the egg event and it’s a 100% so hyped by this :grin::grin:


Hitmonchan & Nidoking are my only 2…I caught the Hitmonchan wild and hatched a 100% Nidoran



I caught 8 so far.
I found my 100% Cyndaquill and Growlithe during the Solstices event :smile:


I just caught my 82nd 100% this evening. Most but not all of them were caught with the help of the city scanner back before the level 30 scanner limit was introduced. But a good number were just random catches or hatches as well.

Probably most of them are garbage (12 are Pidgeot) but I have some pretty great ones, including a 100% Dragonite (hatched way back when the higher Pokemon #s had much higher IVs). I also have a perfect Machamp that I hatched and am trying to get TMs to get him a good moveset. I have 5 perfect Gyarados - all evolved thanks to a HUGE number of Magikarp in the area around my neighborhood.


Really you are lucky… in my area there’s no chance to get to these numbers. I have 3 100%, and I’m really happy to have them.


Wow I just caught a oddish the same exact spot I caught my sea dra a few weeks ago at my pier . It has 488 cp so it’s prob lvl 18 or so but 1St oddish 100% for me ! Decided to walk and spin my sons account cause he lost interest months ago and hatched a 100% geodude it’s in the 648 cp range I think or close but within 5 minutes I got 2 100% and almost didn’t check iv on oddish hit transfer but I said what the heck and canceled it then checked it woo wee that was close I just wish I got the geodude cause golem is super effective against a few legendary pokes !!! I have 20 golem over 2000 cp but only 8 with double rock but 6 are ancient power only 2 stonedge so not the best rock rock moves I do have 2 legacy with stonedge mud shot if fast as poo mud slap is slow as poo!!


Damn it seems super easy for some people to get 100% IV pokemon, i wish i had that luck


I have a 100% Sandslash and Nidoqueen. May have unknowingly transferred one or two early on


Ho hum, still waiting! Have a couple of 98%. Maybe one day soon…


With all te Raid bosses being defeated lately I expect more 100% IV mons. In general I mean.




Same, I have two 98%ers (Rhydon and Vaporeon).


8: 3x Pidgeots (one of the them while ditto hunting lol), Christmas Pikachu, Aerodactyl, Arbok, Tentacruel and Magneton. Most of them have low CP though D:


I wonder if raid bosses are the most likely to have perfect IVs, even more so than hatched mons. I just got a 100% Exeggutor from a raid and I’m not sure if I was just lucky or if I was very, extremely, amazingly lucky. I’ve hatched maybe 400 eggs and only got one perfect Pineco while that Exeggutor was my 9th raid. My 98% Quilava was also from a raid. To be frank, I’ve transferred many useless hatched mons without checking their IVs, but still…

My only Charizard is 89% and I haven’t stardusted it yet, and I probably never will if it’s easier to get a better one from a raid. Usually I’m happy with 85% IVs, but if it’s raidable maybe I shouldn’t bother wasting my stardust and candy if it’s below 90% or even 95%.


I’ve got a 100% IV Blastoise. That’s it for me…


Nidoqueen, geodude, ighlybuff, drowzee


I managed to catch a 100% Ditto last week. It was disguised as a Pidgey. Can’t wait to power this jelly up and see how it acts ^^