[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Yes the chances of a perfect IV Pokémon is much higher on hatched than wild Pokémon. The IV range on hatched Pokémon is 10 to 15. Wild Pokémon have IV range from 0-15.


I have caught over 26 thousand pokes and have only 9
Butterfree C/Psy
Pigoit Stlw/AA
Arbok Bt/DrkPls
Parasect STBG/CRPoi
Poliwrath Rs/IPnch
Hypno Con/ShBall
Starmie WG/HPmp
Jynx Con/Ava
Joliton Ts/Tnder
The joliton is fun to battle with I have his hp to 113 so he last a while cp is like 2632


Got a 100iv golden today out of a egg but my seaking got pretty sad moves . But next hatch was a porygon haven’t seen one in months so kinda made up for disspointment of the goldeen!


Top 3 :slight_smile: Ditto is by far the rarest pokemon I’ve caught, considering its 100% perfect…


Wild chance of finding 100% pokemon: 1/8192 (same as shiny chance in the original ds games)
Hatching 100% pokemon: 1/256 (same in game too)

^ Posting this for anyone who doesn’t know the numbers :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure about the math on this. Can you explain how you got those numbers?


My mistake. I was using the rates from the old Pokemon DS games. The rate for PGo is 1/4096 for 100% pokemon.
The stats are rolled randomly, and because there are only 3 stats that are rolled randomly, they all combine together with 4096 total different combinations, hence which proves that we have a 1/4096 chance at finding a 100% IV pokemon.

Hatching is the same, but because hatching only gives pokemon with Iv’s starting at 10 or higher, also adding onto the fact that there are only 3 stats instead of 6 on PGo, it is a 1/216 chance of getting a 100% IV pokemon through eggs.

Catching source: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4uje6l/ivs_the_odds/

Hatching source: “Normal stats range from 0-15, so your chances of 15 are 1:4096 for a perfect wild Pokémon, since there are three stats. Eggs range from 10-15, so a 1:216 chance of getting a perfect one.” - marumari (https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/5exc4w/just_hatched_this_100_iv_grimer_what_are_the/)

Shiny rate is still unknown.


I’ve got a single 100%, my Jolteon. It doesn’t have great moves (Thundershock/Thunderbolt), but it still does pretty well as an attacker for the most part.


I have a 100 jolton but mine has TS/TNDR I wish he had a quick move in The 10 range cause volt switch is powerfull but you get hit a lot and thundershock just kinda feels weak / But with 2632 cp and 113 hp I can usually take down a high cp water Pokémon before his 1 bar charge move takes me out lol


Jolteon is my favorite attacker!.

Especially with Thunder Shock/Thunderbolt. Not with Voltswitch for the reason you mention.



Still waiting :frowning: just got a few 96%. I’m at lvl 30 and playing since July.


What a beauty, and nice move set too!


I know right. I was super glad when I got him :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: @SCArsenalGunner


I have got: 515 ditto, 2492 Snorlax, 3249 dragonite, 1011 togetic.


I have 0 100% IV’s. I had a 98% Rydon with 2750 CP but my brother transfered it as well as a 2500 Vaporeon which had 93% IV’s. My best is 95% Machamp. I would like to mention that I am level 30


Ouch. Did he transfer them by accident?


No… Hes just an ass. Not to mention, he denied it despite the fact that I watched him do it…


hatched this one just earlier today. Wooooo 100% iv with worst moveset, though that doesnt matter haha


Evolve it and see what moveset you’ll get then :wink: Hopefully something better.

And if that doesn’t work out for you can wait until Gen 4 and Electivire :slight_smile: