[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Do you use a tracker? It’s highly unlikely that you would have so many.


Don’t is a competition, only enjoy the game!


i dont think theres any apps - well not that i know of. I think currently from what i’ve researched, movesets are very important!


an omestar, an exeggutor, a kingler, and a parasect…thats all…


whenever i get my first 100 percent IV - i sure will post here! Waiting in anticipation LOL


I have only one 100% IV Pokemon, which is a parasect (it at least had the best move set), but I have a 98% Nidoran female and a 96% arcanine with fire fang and fire blast


I’ve never calculated the IV’s of my Pokemon, so I have had a lot of work to do it in the last two days…
Result: 2 100%, a Chansey and a Tentacruel. And nearly 40 with over 90%.

Now a cuestion, I think that Chansey would make a good Blissey, but have I to evolve him first and threnghten him after, or is it better the reverse way, strenghten first and evolution after?


Only 3, and caught more than 10’000 mons
Did you know you can put a heart in the name? <3


Just caught this perfect mon. :joy:


I would evolve first because she might not get the best move set and that’s a bit of waste of good stardust and candy but definelty evolve very good Pokémon do have 100%


Many thanks, it’s done the way you say.
The result is a Blissey with 2621 CP, 374 PS and Cabezazo Zen and Hiperrayo as moves (I don’t know their names in english, pardon). But I like her.
Now I have to climb levels, before I can boost her more.


Yeah with almost all of my 100% IV I evolve then power up


Zen Headbutt/Hyperbeam that is Bagguille.


Many thanks, there’s never a day you don’t learn something new… :grinning:


I dont have any at 100%. Im lvl 28 and the luck is not with me.


I’ve got 5. Flareon, Gengar, Ariados, Sunflora, Tangela. Sunflora and Tangela both have idea attack move sets. Flareon has Fireblast, so it’s no longer the best :frowning: I got that Eevee the second week of play.


Hi there.
I have a rhydon, an umbreon (bad choice) and a tangela.
Here in Ecuador, we used to have a really handicaped rare pokemon spawn. Now it has vastly improved, but we still lack pokestops. In my town we have too few, and we have to walk for miles (or back and forth) to obtain objects. ANd forget about filling the object bag… pokeballs are always an issue in my area. Need to travel between 1 and 2 hours (north or east) to find some pokestops (more than in pairs of two). And walking around is not even possible due to security issues…
In my home country (Spain) there are small towns in which you can find in one street more pokestops than in my whole current town.


Hatched this one today:


A cuestion… more chance to hatch than to catch?


I don’t have any 100 percent myself but it seems to me the only time I get close is when I hatch, never come close with catching