[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


Doubt it. I only use them TMs for Tyra, D9, Machamp and Blissey


My Raichu has a hat lol


Nice one!


Oh, well guess u gotta get another one!


Ready for Metagross CD, haha


Oh yes. I’ll finally have enough candy to evolve. :wink:


Yay, and Meteor Mash :heart_eyes:


What a nice start of the day. Wasnt expecting it at all :smile:


Garchomp’s moveset announced a couple of Hours before


Go Plus surprise picked up around the the corner from my house on the way home.


Noice, not a META shakening Pokémon, but a trophy nonetheless.


Also, does anyone TM their 100% Pokémon that aren’t Meta Relevant?


I have if the move(s) are terrible and I have TM’s to burn which I do have.


Makes sense, u want the best for the best.


Caught at other end of factory to where I normally work and catch stuff from my office.
That’s the 2nd 100% down that end in 2 months and my 3rd at work.


100% blastoise, Flygon and Crawdaunt


Very lucky day part 2.


I don’t recall answering here yet so…
Scissor, primeape, cacturne, Gengar, linoon, Electabuzz, tangela, gloom, Kabuto, Weepinbell and shiny Articuno.