[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


I use iphone
and Poke Genie


Pokegenie the layout is almost the same


My PokeGenie looks different than yours. It’s just the Lettertype, the layout is the same.


Nice one.
How many Raids since the return did you do before getting that one?


Nice one.
How many Raids since the return did you do when you got that one?


I think about 8


Must be a relief to get that out of the way and get one quickly?


Yeah, although it sucks that Ive started hoarding dust for Gen 4 and got something that will cost me 75% of what I have




Crazily enough that 100%er was from my 2nd Non-EX Mewtwo raid!


I can see me doing 50+ of these and come out with nothing.
When it was an Ex Raid I was almost the last of everyone one in my area to get my first Ex Pass while many Noobs and Casual players do one Raid and were get Ex Passes while I’d do 4-6 Ex Eliagble Gyms a week for 0.
My first Ex Raid the Cat ran despite hitting repeated Excellent throws

The Cat hates me


Yep - got another TL40 who just hit 100mil XP, one of the most prolific raiders in the CBD and he did more than 100 Lugia raids through both waves of them & no shiny… and has over 50 Mewtwo raids so far with no 100%er.
RNGesus is a cruel master.
Having caught this guy is awesome but I still don’t have quite a few of the shinies available in game currently.
Bane of my in-game existence as I literally do catch em all in order to get the shinies. Kind of a swings & roundabouts thing I guess.


If only I had lots of Shiny’s to off set my poor Cat luck. I’m missing a lot of Shiny too,


I got a ho-oh, Zapdos and machamp
Im not sure if i have any other 100%


Here are my 100% Pokemons. I’m waiting to reach level 40 to start boosting them, well, the worthy ones.


Negapi is definetly a better name than Minun lol


Don’t wait to Power up Machamp, Golem and Egg as they in the best of type and most useful now. Well Egg is if there’s a Water type Legendary coming. You can add that 98 Ttar to the list as well.
The Gengar could be used now against MewTwo especially if it has Shadow Claw.


Well, I agree, in French, it’s Posipi and Negapi (positive and negative).
Also, don’t worry. I just need 1 million XP to reach level 40, and I’ll get at least 5 new best friends before next week, so lucky egg and hello level 40 (and powering up with my 4 million stardust).
By the way, I’ll be starting with Powering up only my gen 1 Pokemons. Which ones do you recommend? My 100% Gengar (with Shadow Claw) hasn’t been great at all against Mewtwo lately…


No, dont power up Golem and Exeggutor, there are superior options and they arent that important in the meta anyways


no need to wait for level 40 honestly. At level 38 you can max out your pokemon already