[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


My best Gasley is only 82% so I’m waiting to catch better one during Hloween Event. I still have 377 candies waiting.


I want that Gastly :nerd_face:
I’ve targeted and done so many quests for Gastly and still nothing better than 91%. It’s doing my head in I cant get the 100% one while friends around me are getting them doing a fraction of what I’ve done.


Yep, I dont understand how people can have so many 100%s. I appraise all my caught pokemon, still was only able to get 2 perfect ones in 2 years. Bad luck I guess.


No, i would say, that qith the chatting apps, it is easier to find 100 percent more often. Also, people used to use trackers, so…


There used to be some awesome maps where you could see what spawns and their ivs, many people utilised this to get information on the pokemon iv and nests.

Currently, only group chats remain as all maps were blocked a few months back. Hatching, completing quests or raiding is your best bet to get a 100% pokemon now.


Anybody here tried the new “Trading gimmic” yet? Did it work? Seems tricky, and furthermore its for people who traded not more than 9 times lucky!! Darn! (Ive 13!)


Got quite a few luckies already but did a few trades today with mons caught today / recently & got more lucky mons this morning than in the last week.
Lucky rates are definitely up.
*Didn’t trade any 2016 mons (only got 2 left from the date range & they’re not for trading).


Good Job!


Caught a nice 989cp 100% Geodude in my Office last night.


Addition, Raticate :confused:


Very true, Id say 75-80% of mine were caught with map, and all of them in 1-2 months period because our area got map just at the very end. I still have most of hundo locations memorised, but going there just to try luck wasnt fruitful at all yet, except 1 location where I found tentacool. And tbh 100s were spawning in such places you wouldnt normally go


Raichu (Summer hat/glasses), Politoed, Exeggutor, Krabby, and on my secondary, an Alolan Meowth


Dont evolve krabby just yet. Crabhammer been found in a game code


In the last 12 months I’ve caught 3 100% at work. Ekans, Wooper and Geo
2x in my office and 1x in the Admin Office 100m from mine.


We had 100% bagon spawned once, sad to say that none of us got it… it was close to hills, near popular local dogging spot, at 3am and I was the only one awake back then, couldnt wake anyone and didnt want to risk going on my own because I would have had to walk there and was afraid I wont have enough time before it goes, needless to say that bagon haunts me to this day


Now did you mean near a popular spot to take your dog or the other one…?


That other one… :sweat_smile: :joy:


Dont worry, Salamence cant compete with Dragonite, let alone the majestic Chomp


Yes, I know, but it took me another 3 months to hatch the right candidate, I evolved my one and only salamance end of May, by that time I had around 400 candies :laughing:


And still the bastard have only 14 Atk