[Q&A] How many/which 100% IV Pokémon do you have?


This is my collection of 100% IV Pokemon


I only have 10 but I’ve never used a tracker since September 2016.


How to use a tracker?


2 Kyogre, an Eevee, Electabuzz, Tyranitar, Nosepass, Vaporeon (misclicked) and Ursaring
@ I dont think they are working right now


Trackers are all offline (the main one i heard of people using was PokeHuntr.


That never worked for me…
Even before trackers went down
I could see rarely 1 spawn


Oh and a Chimecho


I got this beauty on community day yesterday!


No point trading 100% ones then, perhaps the 90-99% ones and hope for better? LOL! I havent traded, not enticing.


It should not matter if you trade a low IV or a high IV. it is just sheer luck if you get a 100%


I have a 98% one lol

Very nice though


Ha! Ive at least 1000 perfect ones. Was thinking of helping people out; good to know that theres no point in that then! LMFAO!


I got a 93% shiny with Ray bans via quest. Great luck you have there, though!


You’re better off trading as low IV as possible to hope for a better one


Hatched this during the event, posting it if you want to know the 100% for Poochyena. Too bad it wasn’t shiny.


It took me 90min last night to catch all the banked Quest Pokemon. I was appraising and trashing after catch saving the best for IV check later.
No 100% Lapras out of 19 :disappointed:
Added 3 more 100% to the collection from those catches being Magikarp, Voltorb and Horsea.
Already had 5 Magikarp/Gyarados 100%
Voltob is a new one.
Very happy with the 100% Horsea as I haven’t seen many IVs >90%. Decision has to be made now if it becomes Sedra or Kingda?


Dont be surprised, the chance is still 1/216
And Kingdra


What IV checker?


100 IV Mamoswine… and Metagross.


I deleated a 100% Eevee Quest last week by mistake. Thought I was clicking appraise to check again after flicking through quickly but clicked on transfer. Stupidly I clicked again thinking I was in the appraisal processRealised what had happened when I couldn’t do the next stage of the appraisal. Checked Journal and yep it was a 415 CP Eevee :confounded:
Luckily I got another 415 CP Eevee from another Quest the next day.