Purifier badge



I’m conflicted on chasing this medal.
As far as I know Purified Pokémon have no important use in the game (the more knowledgeable on here may be able to correct my view on this.)
At a minimum it will cost 1mil Dust too purify the 500 required. I’d much rather use that much Dust powering up Raid squads and my L40 collection.
This one could be a very slow burn.


That’s way too much dust to chase the medal and get more premier balls on catching shadow Pokémon at this moment. I have not purified any shadow Pokémon because no good IV one deserves my dust (I may leave my hundo shadow Bulbasaur as it is)

Until Shadow legendary will be released, then it may be more of a significance to do so.



Got it bronze now for the extra ball, but I probably only will purify cheap Pokemon like Rattata, Zubat, BUlbasaur etc.


Why bother? I understand the costs of purifying, but few specifics about the practical benefits. The whole TR / shadow / purify feature set seems like mostly a waste of time and resources to me.


It’s a good way to get 100% IV Pokemon. There will be more shadow Pokemon in the future. Purified Pokemon cost less stardust to power up and are easier to get than lucky Pokemon.


still going for all the medals. Not a fan of having to spend dust on these.



yep only purifying 2k dust ones…such a waste though.


That’s a 108K Dust used right there at the minimum rate. Only 900K more to go for Gold :exploding_head:
They’ve made this way too costly for no game changing benefit having Purified Pokemon tbh.


Only drowning Rats and Bats in Holy Water at 1K Dust since it all changed with the second release of Shadows.




Slow burn on this. Not getting enough Rats and Bats.