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Thats why i never put my real info on line I always get letters about joining AARP because they assume I’m 55


We all know you’re 55, dont lie.


Dude im 32 I’ll be 32 this year and I’m still young at heart and that’s what counts lol


@bagguille is the oldest person on here I think


I dont know, Im pretty sure hes not 55 like you.


Dude even if I was 55 he’s like 60 something and if that’s too doesn’t make you feel good to pick on a old man lol


60 years ? I bet hes receving those AARP letters too.


Lol I don’t know if they have that where he’s from should you not be in bed for school


Im a big boy, maybe not big enough for AARP to pay attention but still a big boy.


Lol im old enough to be you brother then


Ok, big bro :+1:


Ok cool just dont ask for money or a ride lol


No problem, I dont want to cause an accident, now that AARP is looking for you.


Lol yup cant have them find me


Glad to help … big bro


Right on if you ever need to hide from the cops i got you


Really here don’t exist AARP, but what a funny coincidence, the organisation has been founded the same year I was born, 1958.


No lie thats crazy


AARP??? What is that?


AARP is a United States-based interest group whose stated mission is “to empower people to choose how they live as they age.” According to the organization, it had more than 38 million members as of 2018. AARP was founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus and Leonard Davis.