Promo code discussion



Do you guys know a place that has promotional codes available ?
Thanks in advance.


As far as I know most codes are 1 time use given out by stores. I have never come a cross a code in the past year.

But maybe I’m wrong. Good question though. :wink:


That sucks, thanks for the help :heart:


I know it one time Sprint was giving them out that’s about it


Yup, I found the promotion


I have a second account, and I got a promo code offer for a few eggs and incubators…mainly because I hadn’t logged in on it in like a year


Thats nice, but I have a suspition that I wont be able to stop playing for a year to get it.


I think your right


they need to reward the spenders with promo codes


They just want your contact info, and this is their way to promote the idea of you giving it to them in exchange for a few PoGo freebies.


Private info ? As long as it doesnt end like this its fine.


Everything you leave online can get stolen. There are websites where you can check if your email is found among stolen data and if so that you know you have to change that password.


I am aware, but you never know what will happen …


I’ve been victim of the Adobe hack. But I have so many accounts, and in 18 years, Adobe is the only time. So I’m not to scared. I would give to receive a promo code for Pokémon Go.


Me neither, these posts are for fun.

B U T Y O U N E V E R K N O W . . .


Living in fear isn’t living.
I live without fear. What ever happens, happens. No stress. I enjoy that.

Pokémon Go has gotten part of that live. Now I go out every day, no exceptions.

To bad there are no codes given out in the Netherlands. But this year I’m going to Japan. Hope to find codes there.


Good luck :+1:


Please don’t take my warning as some kind of crusade against the corporate practice of offering goodies in exchange for people to give their own info. Just want to keep people aware that for companies who bribe people with goodies to disclose their personal info, it’s commonplace to profit by selling that info to others. And there are many ways they can profit from it. To facebook, for example, you and I have always been their product (to sell to advertisers who are desperate for sales contacts).

I try to minimize the number of places that I give that info, knowing that some will get it anyway, but hoping that I can reduce the chances that it’ll fall into the hands of identity thieves, scammers, or spammers.


Facebook sold his soul tho the devil. I don’t trust Google, but Facebook I trust even less. I only give out personal info that is already around. And if abused, they get an angry lawyer as a present… :smiling_imp:

Works like a charm.


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