Problems with GPS


Since about three days I have continouisly problems with error 11 (GPS signal).

It happens more frecuently when I am at home, but as well in the street. And it’s not a problem of my phone, because the same happens to my friend who walks with me, and looking for example in Google Maps, it has no problem with my location.

I have the feeling that the problem started with the forced update to 0.105.0, but I’m not really shure.

Anyone else has similar problems?


Yes, but since a few weeks already, not just since the last update. Not sure what causes it, but usually its gone in 10 seconds or so again.


I got same GPS problem lately in Go. However, I’m blaming the latest Samsung update, but I don’t know for sure.


I would decline Samsung as reason, because I’m playing on Huawei


Are you using Wifi when this is happening. Wifi is notorious for bad gps locations cause the vame uses your connected ip address to calculate where you are…So when you move around, the game will notice it, but it will also notice the location or your ip address not moving. Thats why it will error out. If you are NOT on wifi, try turning on your bluetooth. If your bt IS on, then I really don’t know anything else about how to fix it.


I’ve tried any combination, in location using the three posibilities (only GPS, only wifi, both), Bluetooth on/off, Wifi on/off.
True, Wifi on and GPS off was the badest, but I haven’t found any good combination.

But thanks for trying to help.


Hey I have the exact same problem for the past 3 days…Sunday afternoon to be precise.
Although I don’t remember when I updated the app but yeah the version is 0.105.0
In home it doesn’t even update the map…outdoors also it doesn’t work properly…takes a minute or two to locate where I am.
No problem with GPS and all…and one more thing…it worked perfectly on Sunday morning…took a break for 2 hours and it happened in between
My phone is xiaomi mi a1. So no problem of Samsung or any other brand


I have waited until the actualization was obligatory. Maybe others have had problems before, because they have searched the app on a mirror…


Today I have installed 0.105.1, and… no problems anymore with eror 11 (GPS).

Maybe there was something more in this actualization than the “Smack Down Sound Effect”.


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