Problem of hackers in Pokemon Go


I think you know what I’ve said.


Yeah I know. I want to find out the main trend of people’s choice.


gym botters are less of an annoyance now i think because of the new gym system where you can’t steal gyms anymore.
as a side note, what are account sellers?


Players who have raised their account level and check out their team’s relative benefit (in terms of money) in the internet. They trade their accounts secretly to make money.

Seems familiar?


huh. doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. 150 dollars for a 1200cp vaporeon and lower? no thanks


This Would Probably Give A Better Example:


hmm. i guess when you look at it this way it does look somewhat unfair. does this affect the game a lot tho?
also, how do they get no name/ team accounts at level 38? aren’t they supposed to choose names and stuff at the start of the tutorial? or is this some gizmo stuff


Giving you the 2nd choice to vote, which type of players do you hate the most?


It’s what happens when an account is made fully automated by a bot.


still hackers… for now i guess


I’d probably say Account Sellers.


oh. well i don’t get it yet but its alright. so basically bots can level up an account really fast while leaving it fully customizable so the seller can earn money.


Let’s wait and see how do other people think of them.


The 4 options can be crossovers.


I’ve shifted the survey to another topic. Just try to focus on hackers. You may vote for the 2nd time.


Voted again, for you Yoshi. Let’s see what people say.


I don’t really care about account sellers as much as the others. If someone wants to spend their hard earned money so be it. It doesn’t affect my play to the same extent as hackers, spoofers or bots.
Even if they put those Pokémon in gyms it doesn’t matter much to me.


just a question, does account selling affect the legit players a lot?


Not really, many accounts sold don’t have any Pokemon on them. All they have is a Level, and Stardust.


oh, okay. so i guess theyre just looking to make some cash? but not in the right ways i believe.