Potential Trade IV Theory


Note: This will only be testable at a higher friendship level, so as of the time of posting you can’t test it

My hypothesis is that the higher you get in friendship with someone the less IV’s will change and that Ultra/Best friends levels they’ll either stay the same or increase.

For example if i wanted to trade an 80% Magikarp with someone it should look like:
Good Friend: 50-80% IV reroll
Great Friend: 65-80% Reroll
Ultra Friend: Remains the same
Best Friend: 80-100% Increase

I’m yet to find a news source that discusses this so that’s why i’ve posted it.


I would say 70-90 for ultra friend


At first I thought they first mark out the CP range and then pinpoint possible IV combinations, since the CP wasnt supposed to increase but the IVs could

But thats definetly wrong since it turns out you can get higher CP than the “maximum” shown on the screen


What I have seen is that trading level 35 low IV pokemon is godly and the inverse is horrible.