Post your purified pokemon


124 Grunt Battles and haven’t struck that one yet.


‘Are you scared of psychics that use unseen powers?’ If you see a Team GO Rocket Grunt saying that sentence, you might be rewarded with a Ralts. It can also be a Drowzee and maybe a Zubat too, but I’m not sure about Zubat.


Shadow Ralts has only been released since three days.


Than I’m lucky. I did 13-14 so far… :flushed: :scream:


Had Grunt battle Ralts today, Drowzee, Kirila today and what do I get … stupid Drowzee.
Did the Wifes acct too and of course she got Ralts.
Can’t seem to find a Rat or Zubat reward atm. I want those for the cheap 1K Purify costs.






This one is caught as a Muk. I’ll post the Shadow in that thread.


Caught this as a Golbat and Purified it without even looking at the appraisal. (I Purify all Rat and Bat lines without looking for the medal as they are only 1K)

Taken it all the way.



I have all 3 Purified 100% Zubat line now.


Only keeping 100% or best IV for type I have.



Has anybody seen or gotten a lucky, shiny, purified, perfect Pokémon? I’ve seen 2 or 3 of those properties at a time, but not all 4.

And what could we call such a thing – a SPLHundo?


Imagine getting a Hundo Lucky Shiny Purified Alolan Pokemon when Shadow Alolans are in the game. :rofl:


They are shiny blocked as far as I know.


That’s right; I forgot it in my enthusiasm. :man_facepalming:




This was my shadow ralts: