Post your photobombed shots!


It was dark so i turned on the flash and there he was, lurking in the dark


A pretty nondescript lunchtime watching Bargain Hunt… until Smeargle made an appearance… :grinning:

The second shot is one I caught for my missus who was having terrible luck (thousands of snaps for ZERO Smeargles).


Congrats bro



Tiny typhlosion




A nice snowy scene…and Smeargle.



I’ve wasted another 3 hours trying to get a photobomb today. Having to take so damned many shots to get one photobomb is getting as mind-numbingly annoying as having to spin dozens of pokestops to get a stupid gift to send to a friend.

What’s the ******** point, Niantic?!! Even after getting a gift after the 24th spin in a row (or that photobomb after hundreds of tries) and getting none, my primary feeling is rage over the senseless WASTE OF TIME, far more so than the relief of getting one. WHAT IS THE POINT of having nothing to show for so many wasted tries?!!?

[the next day: I’m embarrassed to make such an ass of myself over this. The frustration is real, but there’s no call to inflict my anger over it on y’all. I’m sorry for the flame, and will try to wait until the emotion fades to express the thought accompanying it in a more adult manner…]


Do you go away from the Snapshot screen everytime you one a Snapshot trying to get Smeargle? Since Smeargle can only photobomb the first picture you’ve taken, it’s useless to take more than one Snapshot everytime.

My suggestion is, if you really want Smeargle just for your Pokédex, try what I’ve said above, and try that twenty times every day until Smeargle finally photobombs a Snapshot. But I don’t think it’ll actually take more than 2-3 days because this trick seems to do well.


I’ve done both one at a time tons of times and several in a set tons of times, since people here have reported success using either method. My one success so far was on the 2nd shot of a set.

I’ve also tried having the pokemon face me, having it face to the side, being up close, being far away, having it stand still and touching it to make it jump… There seems to be no secret formula that reliably produces a photobomb.

It’s the senseless wasting of our time that pisses me off the most. How utterly bleepin’ inconsiderate of our time.


I see quite a few saying they’ve had the Photo bomb on the second one but is it really?
I say this as when I check through the photos in my phones Galley (not game) there is the photo I took then the same photo with the Photo Bomb. It’s not a second photo its the same one duplicated only Smeargle has been added.
Given some time I might try and put together a tutorial complete with screen shots.


Took about 60 pics…first picture of the deli tho


Some more… they turn up on the first shot more regularly… but I’ve had Smeargle show up on the second 3 times and the fourth once.


That is strange, because it is confirmed by Niantic that Smeargle can only photobomb the first picture.


I can confirm that Smeargle photobombs not just the first picture. Had him in the second and 3rd of a set aswell.




How I wish it only photobombed first pictures. I had an hour to play Pokemon Go today and just wasted the entire time trying to get first photos to be photobombed.

I just resolved that not only am I not ever taking another AR+ photo, whether in pursuit of another photobomb or not, I just sent my only Smeargle for the professor to grind up for dinner tonight.