Post your photobombed shots!



Gave up with no photo bomb the last 2 days in a row after around 40 attempts each day I was so close to chucking it in today also but finally it showed. It shouldn’t be this tiresome to do tbh.


Took me 64 pictures before he showed up today.


I can’t do that many. The whole process is just frustrating confirming all the time.
Once I’ve got the Gold, that’s it I’m done with it. I initially wanted a 100% but wont bother chasing for that either past Gold Medal.


Yes it is. I’ll stop after a few, then pick up later. I probably tried 4 different times today.


I shouldn’t take that long tbh.
It should be a little bit of fun to do but it’s far from it with select one, confirm, take pic, get out, select another and so on over and over until it finally appears.
They should cap it and say it will appear some time between 1 and 20 pics, no more.


It really shouldn’t, but I’ve decided to get the gold badge before I quit it forever except for special events,






77 pictures before he popped up today











First try and I wasn’t even trying for Smeargle… :sweat_smile: