Post your NEWEST shiny






Cp is 2299


It was a good day :grin:


What iv is the 116 cp??


Got this shiny God of the Sea


Not a bad week



just hatched!


Now you’re the one with the shiny charm.


2304 cp






Lets say that is not a nice thing in dutch, but i know you meant “lol”.

Better not to Google it, but find dictionary translations


Well thanks lol


Just in front of my house.


Between work and home driving around doing some Raids I used up all 220 Red Balls with the Go Plus. Went out after dinner to do a Ball Run. Once the bag was filled I turned the catch option on again and did laps for 30mins to use up an Egg, Star Piece and a Stink to get the bag spots back.
Got this with a Go Pkus Surprise.


Congrats on that 98


Second shiny caught on my couch, first was female snorunt


I still am not sure if this was worth the 5-6 hours it took to find. But at least I have the blue duck now.