Post your NEWEST shiny



So today I decided to do a walk in the morning with Partly Cloudy Weather in the game, hoping to finally get my Shiny Lunatone before it goes, but they were almost nowhere. I wonder how rare they are during Middays with no Party Cloudy Weather Boost. However, I did not get the Blue Moon, but I the walk wasn’t for nothing either:

It’s almost been a months since I’ve seen those sparkles😅.


Today in wrong shinies:


I just caught my second shiny Sneasel! :star_struck:


Fancy cat :cat2:



:musical_note: Little Darlin’
:notes: It’s been a long cold lonely winter…

:musical_note: Here comes the sun :sun_with_face:
:notes: And I say… it’s alright! :+1:


Thank you, Professor Willow.


It’s like waiting for a bus…
You hang around for 2 years and nothing comes along…
Then all of a sudden three thugs rob your pension…


Finally got my second shiny Patrat on Saturday night. And my 7th shiny Poochy this morning. (Way more psyched about the former than the latter, of course; but grateful for both.)




Another Team Rocket shiny! :rocket: :star_struck:


Haven’t posted in a while but these are my newest shinies that I’ve gotten in the last 2 months.


My second one. The first was from the previous event. Decided to evolve the first because of. The better iv.


After failing to get one in any of the shiny-rate-boosting events, I had stopped even watching for a shiny Scyther. So I was delighted (and totally unprepared) when I saw this after clicking on it in the main screen.


According to the GoLive announcement, getting a shiny Dwebble means I’m lucky.

I’m bummed, because most of their event announcements refer to getting the featured shiny as something like “very lucky” or “extremely lucky”.

But I guess just “lucky” will suffice. :wink:


My 2nd shiny Caterpie! I got it from incense.


This appeared with less than 30 seconds left on my incense… didn’t want to risk losing it trying to get a sparkle shot…

Slashy was a wild spawn on my afternoon stroll…



Got my second shiny vulpix out of an 7km egg. Evolved the first