Post your Deoxys



Wow, look at that boring symmetry… 15-15-15. Such uniformity is dull and homely. I might consider trading you this shiny new Cyndaquil if you throw in the novelty item (Chimecho)…

Limited time offer, so don’t delay! :grin:


All mock levity aside, that’s a really nice haul there, @bagguille. I’m green with envy here…


After not being able to do a heap in a row due to unsuitable times I got to do 2 in row. Not very good and no desire to worry about improvement either.


@UltraInstinct841 are you able to do ex raids?


I have 1 deoxys




Do you have one?


No :joy:


I got invited :smiley:


Time to do it solo I guess


Is re-lobby needed on a team of 6 dark Ttar at lvl 30-35?




Gotta save up Max Revive.


@Necrozmadabest I can’t wait to see how much damage it does lol


Attack mode up next!


Attack mode 2019 first ex raid :heavy_check_mark:


Deoxys doesn’t seem to be a very vivid subject… But I wanted to share my Deoxys… I never got an EX raid pass myself, I got invited both times

They are both not the best, but it’s more about having them than using…


Deoxys has certainly failed to excite.
I’ve missed more Ex Raids than I’ve done and it doesn’t bother me.
I think everyone just wants to get all the forms than we can get on with the Ex Raid being something more desirable.


Hear, hear! Any leads yet on when the Defense Form of Deoxys will take over the EX raids? The hardest part of the last one I was in (against the Attack Form) was keeping the network connection. The boss went down like a prizefighter taking a dive, and the capture was almost easy, too.


got em