Post your Ace Trainer Badge


Post your Ace Trainer badge before its gone.

Rip Ace trainer badge.




I have 427


I wish they could figure out how to bring it back. I was so close…


Are they going to delete it? :disappointed_relieved:


I didn’t even do gym battles until November of '16, so I was just learning how the training thing worked a few months before they redid the gyms. Used to be training was how I cleaned up my Pokemon storage. After the gym rework, monsters I would normally transfer after training them, now get left to defend gyms until they are dead before transferring them. I liked the old way a lot better.


is it confirmed??
i alwayed thought it would come back one day!!


Yesterday it went away for a few seconds because of a bug / sevice issue. Is that why you made this, @5GodLink?


its going away in update



I started this year so I can never get it



I tried :sob:





I could never find gyms occupied by my team and then it was gone.


Its not.


Yeah, I’m glad. I hated looking at that partially completed badge that I couldn’t do anything about. lol