Post you and your buddy pokemon


Found two on monday :man_shrugging:t2:


@Mew1: Yeah, I doubted they were in the wild … then two showed up at work late one night a couple weeks back. Haven’t seen another since.


Needed the “5 Candies” task finished for Meltan … chose Wailord to get it done faster, and … well … because it’s so awesomely ridiculous when it’s your buddy. :rofl:




@VanHooIII you may be near water biome


Too far inland. Hardcore rock, fire, and grass here.

… 30 minutes west, however, is the Pacific Ocean where there are water types galore. lol



21km??? :astonished:


That actually isn’t a whole lot, compared to what I usually do.
Winters… it gets cold, molecules are less excited, I am less active, : p


:astonished: You must have so much free time, I don’t even have school, you do…
Did you today???


Yes I did. But I’ll finish all my homework in class lol
And I bike home, catching Pokémon, spinning some stops, battle some gyms

I bike 60+ km’s Total in a midweek



I’m over 30K this week so far. lol


Grass to me is uncommon


We just see the commons…


Really? I get a slew of Seedot, Treecko (so sick of Treecko spawns! lol), Turtwig, and Roselia here. Shroomish is uncommon, but appears a little more now.

… when an event isn’t going on, of course.


@Pokemon feels my pain. They appear more under sunny weather. Tangela does not even appear more under sunny weather, it only appears more during events. But I need more Treecko and Turtwig candy to prepare for their CD eventually.


Changed it to the golden one.


How did you get it


He got from raid like I did